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Trump does not mention racism in the discourse of the praise of the police after the recent unrestDonald Trump has failed to respond to concerns about systemic racism in AMERICAN law enforcement during a speech from the White House, Tuesday, accompanying his signing of a decree on the reform of the police, instead praising “the brave men and women in blue who police our streets and keep us safe”.

Speaking in the Rose Garden in the wake of protests across the country following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the president inaugurated the best practices of the police, but insisted excessive force has been a topic of concern in only a “small” number of cases among otherwise “worthy of confidence” in the police ranks. “The americans know the truth: without the police, it’s chaos. Without law, there is anarchy. And without security, there is a disaster, “he says, attacking the” Defund the police ” calls of activists.

“The reduction of crime and raising the standards are not opposite goals,” added the president, before signing on the dotted line, flanked by police officers.

The president and his Republican allies in Congress have been forced to respond to mass protests against police brutality and racial prejudices that have raged for weeks across the country in response to the death of Floyd and other black Americans.

But Trump, who has faced criticism for not recognizing the racial prejudice and has advocated for more rough police treatment of suspects in the past, has continued in its “law and order” line. When the signature of the event, he railed against those who have committed violence during the largely peaceful demonstrations while welcoming the vast majority of agents, disinterested public service.

Trump decree would establish a database that tracks police officers to use excessive force complaints in their files. Many officers who are involved in fatal incidents were a long moan stories, including Derek Chauvin, white Minneapolis police officer who was accused of murder in the death of Floyd. These documents are often not made public, it is difficult to know if an agent has such a history.

The order would also give police a financial incentive to adopt best practices and encourage the co-responder programs, in which social workers join the police when they respond to non-violent calls involving mental health, addiction and homeless issues.

Trump has stated that, as part of the order, the use of chokeholds, which have become a symbol of the brutality of the police, would be prohibited ” unless an officer is in danger. “In fact, the statement, the Ministry of Justice to push local police departments to be certified by a” reputable independent credentialing body ” with the use-of-force policies that prohibit the use of chokeholds except when the use of deadly force is authorized by law.

Chokeholds are already largely banned in the police service at the national level.

Here is John T Bennett analysis.


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