As Churchill and de Gaulle in 1940, Britain and France are united against a common enemy


The French forces, in support of their British counterparts in Nato, enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia and British Chinook helicopters to support their French comrades in their counter-terrorism mission in the Sahel.Now, as 80 years ago, the world may feel dark, even if the threats we are facing are of a very different nature.

But now, as then, our people are resilient, determined, showing that they are up to the challenge.

On both sides of the channel, we look forward to a common future that will be bright – to the rear of the building, in order to better exploit the new technologies, to extend the frontiers of human knowledge, structuring a green recovery. We owe it to our planet and we owe it to our peoples.

Eighty-four years, alone, in a studio of the BBC, General de Gaulle broadcast a message to the French people. It was a message of hope and determination that resonates today – and not just with the French but with the British also.

At the time of our countries need each other, we listen to the call. We did then and we do today, as we always will.

Dominic Raab is the minister of Foreign affairs and the First Secretary of State


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