Arrests as far-right group confronts police during rally of rival refugees in Glasgow


Nicola Sturgeon said that “racist thugs shame Scotland” after a “far-right” group clashed with police and protesters at a refugee rally in Glasgow.

Scottish police said six arrests were made following the incident in George Square on Wednesday evening.

No Expulsions Glasgow was to protest the living conditions of the refugees at 6 p.m., but interrupted the rally after being informed that far-right groups would show up an hour earlier.

Supporters of the National Defense League gathered in the square from 5 p.m., saying they wanted to “take a stand” and “protect the cenotaph,” the BBC reported.

Hundreds of people were in the area with a heavy police presence when “racist attacks” broke out.

Prime Minister Sturgeon tweeted: “Shameful scenes in Glasgow tonight. Racist thugs shame Scotland. If they break the law, they should face it with all their might.

“And we all need to come together to say that welcoming refugees and asylum seekers is part of who we are.”

Activists from No Expulsions Glasgow abandoned their rally after he was deemed “dangerous” and continued to protest while being escorted from the scene.

The group wrote on Twitter: “We condemn attempts by far-right groups to foil our peaceful demonstration tonight, which concerns the conditions faced by people in the asylum system in Glasgow. Our demo has nothing to do with the cenotaph. ”

Chief Superintendent Mark Hargreaves of Police Scotland said in a statement: “We had an adequate police presence to ensure public safety during the protests in the George Square area on the evening of June 17.

“So far, six men have been arrested for minor public order crimes and reports will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor.

“The majority of the protesters have now left George Square and the officers remain in the area to reassure the public.

George Square police in Glasgow during a protest against evictions in Glasgow against the living conditions of refugees, June 17, 2020. (Andrew Milligan / PA)

“A review will be undertaken and if any new crime is identified, appropriate action will be taken. ”

Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf called the other group “racist” and said arrests had been made.

He tweeted: “Briefed by the Scottish police on the disorder to George Sq. Let’s not mince words, it has nothing to do with statues and everything to do with racist attacks.

“The police have already made a number of arrests and will continue to take all necessary measures against those responsible.”

Yousaf also said he understood that most of the arrests were “loyalists”.

Scottish Labor leader Richard Leonard condemned the violence as “bigotry”.

He tweeted, “The fanaticism displayed in Glasgow tonight has no place in a tolerant and open society and must be condemned. ”

Additional reporting by Press Association


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