Arjun Kapoor had nothing to do with the exit of Sushant Singh Rajput of ‘ Half Girlfriend; Here’s what we know


Arjun Kapoor has been the target of trolls on the ground that the actor had replaced Sushant Singh Rajput in Half Girlfriend. But the real reason behind the exit of the deceased actor in the film is completely different.

Arjun Kapoor had nothing to do with the exit of Sushant Singh Rajput of ‘ Half Girlfriend; Here’s what we know

Tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput has also given rise to many debates and controversies that animated. Among other things, the recent flak against the nepotism in the film industry of Bollywood. Arjun Kapoor is the latest celebrity to be the target of trolls after tweet from five years, as published by Chetan Bhagat has become viral on social media in which it was mentioned that Sushant was roped to play the lead male role in the co-half girlfriend Mohit Suri. with Shraddha Kapoor.

Following this, Arjun has received a lot of hate on the part of internet users for having replaced Sushant in the film in the wake of the spurt of nepotism. However, a few old interviews of the star’s MS Dhoni conclude that Arjun Kapoor was not the reason of its output of Half Girlfriend. Sushant himself had revealed that he had withdrawn Half Girlfriend because he had already signed another movie (Raabta) with Dinesh Vijan.

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The actor, in fact, had also mentioned that it was not out of Half Girlfriend but instead chose to Raabta. In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Sushant said: “It is unfortunate. I was excited to work with Ekta (Kapoor), but the dates have not worked. The team wanted the same dates as that of the film Dinu (Dinesh Vijan), as I do, then. Since I had set dates for this a long time ago, I had no other choice than to remove myself from the project of Mohit. ”

In another interview, Sushant has revealed how he had lost 12 movies once because of two films he was already making at the time. Speaking of Half Girlfriend and Raabta, the actor had added that there was a confusion due to someone else because they were told they could shoot the two films simultaneously. But the case proved to be quite different, and the two filmmakers wanted a particular month due to which the actor had to choose Raabta instead of Half Girlfriend.

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