Anyone who has touched a baby raccoon in a Colorado Springs Petco has asked to call the county health department


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KKTV) – El Paso County Public Health urges anyone who has had contact with a baby raccoon brought into a Petco store in Colorado Springs to contact them immediately.
The health department is also asking the person who brought the raccoon to the store at 1820 W. Uintah Street to call him at 719-578-3220 to discuss the health of the animal. The same number is the best contact for anyone who came into contact with the animal between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sunday.
“Public health is working with the store to get more details on the situation, but at this time the raccoon has not been located and it is unknown if the animal is rabid,” El wrote. Paso County Public Health in a statement. “Although it is not confirmed that this raccoon has rabies, it is important to contact public health if you have been exposed. “
Click here to learn more about CDC rabies.
Confirmed Rabies Reports in El Paso County, Colorado (2010-2019) 2019: 16 (5 bats, 9 skunks, 1 fox and 1 dog)
2018: 67 (6 bats, 60 skunks, 1 raccoon)
2017: 28 (7 bats, 21 skunks)
2016: 3 (bats)
2015: 6 (5 bats, 1 cat)
2014: 10 (bats)
2013: 8 (4 bats, 2 foxes, 2 skunks)
2012: 3 (bats)
2011: 15 (5 bats, 1 fox, 9 skunks)
2010: 17 (8 bats, 4 foxes, 5 skunks)


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