Anthony Smith slams Max Rohskopf the corner: “Get him the f**k out of there”


Anthony Smith
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Anthony Smith is not a fan of how Robert Drysdale responded after Max Rohskopf asked him to stop the fight following the second round of his fight against Austin Hubbard.

Rohskopf was making his UFC debut on short notice, and after the second round, said his coach at the end of the fight nine times. Nine times. Yet, his corner not to do so. The referee and someone from the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing, asking that it be stopped and they have come to intervene.

For Smith, he says Drysdale failed his hunt and should’ve stopped the fight when his fighter asked.

“I’m frustrated for you. It was frustrating to watch and I think the reaction of the fans and other fighters is more frustrating, especially considering the situation I was in not so long ago,” Anthony Smith said to TMZ Sports. “I get it, if there is a kid who is young and in the face of adversity, perhaps, may be the first real time in his career and maybe he thinks he doesn’t have or maybe need a little encouragement. I believe that it was asked nine times. This is not god damn bloodsport and not all of us think the same thing.

“Not everyone, it is me. It is just different, he is young and he wanted out,” Smith added. “Get him the f**k out of there. He wanted to go home. He said that he didn’t, he didn’t want to have to do that. That is what he said, I don’t want to do that.

“This is different than being down on yourself and need a pick me up. It is much deeper than that, and then see the fans and other fighters to stick by Drysdale? Listen, I respect Drysdale as much as anyone in the game,” he continued. “This guy is a pioneer in the brazilian jiu-jitsu and I’m a big fan of his. But, he messed up, he messed up. That needs to be said, this is not the same situation as mine. I did everything I could to stay there. It was all he could do to get out of it. Make it out.”

Although many point to Marc Montoya not to stop the fight when Anthony Smith was defeated by Glover Teixeira, “heart of a lion”, said he, is not the same. He said that he wanted to continue the fight, and said to his corner, it was good to continue. Smith has also said that if he were to say to Marc Montoya he wanted out, the Factory X coach could stop the fight right then and there, as most coaches would.

What do you think of Anthony Smith slamming Max Rohskopf the corner.


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