Anne Hathaway says Christopher Nolan has hard rule on set


The black Knight trilogy and Tenet director Christopher Nolan is known for being very methodical and precise when it comes to his work, but we have to admit that we were quite surprised by Anne Hathaway’s admission on a particular of the rule he set up.

The actor has been speaking with Hugh Jackman as part of Variety of “Actors” Actors in the series, when she claimed that the director is not unlike what a manager did in your first job.

“He doesn’t allow chairs,” she said, “and her reasoning is, if you have chairs, people will sit, and if they sit, they don’t work. “

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It raises quite a few questions about what the supplements do in between takes, and what anyone who is less and less able to do is while they are on the game, but Hathaway went to rent Nolan results.

“I mean, he has incredible films in terms of scope and ambition and technical prowess and emotion,” she added. “It always comes to an end on time and on budget. I think he’s on something with the thing president. “

Hathaway worked with the director on The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellarwhile Jackman starred in Prestige.

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Last week, Fortnite hosted a Nolan Films movie night community in an attempt to recreate the common experience of the movie theater.

Meanwhile, the director of Last Mind’s Bending Movie, Tenet, was delayed again, this time for August 12.

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