‘Angry’ Maurizio Sarri is designed to dig against Cristiano Ronaldo after the defeat of Juventus Coppa Italia


The manager of Juventus, Maurizio Sarri has said that Cristiano Ronaldo “lacked sharpness” after the defeat of his team against Napoli in the final of the Coppa Italia on Wednesday.After 90 minutes without a goal, Napoli won the shootout 4-2 after Paulo Dybala and Danilo have missed the Juve, Ronaldo has not pulled out of goal because he was being held for the fifth.

The result sees Ronaldo losing finals in a row for the first time in his career after his team was also beaten by Lazio in the Supercoppa last year, and speaking after the match, Sarri has admitted that the five-times winner of the Ballon d’or had not yet reached the heights expected of him since the return of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo was powerless to prevent Juventus losing against Napoli

Speaking to RAI, Sarri said: “It is in the same shape as the others, such as Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa, he doesn’t have the sharpness necessary to do what works best for him.

“I have not said much to the players after the game. I was angry and disappointed, so at these times, it is better to keep silent. We will talk better tomorrow morning. ”

Juventus is still in a good position to win the Serie A, where it is in the top of the rankings but with a one-point lead on Lazio, and it resumes its campaign on Monday with a trip to Bologna.

Sarri said: “there is disappointment for the club, players and supporters, but for the moment we can not do much more, because we lack of sharpness.

“We were missing a few players and we had to make different choices as usual, because our fitness levels are not optimal. We keep the ball well, but we don’t have the sharpness to turn this into dangerous scoring opportunities.

Maurizio Sarri seemed extremely disappointed after the loss

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“We have been struggling to overcome the players of the opposition when we face of men, we have a team of individuals who can usually do it really well. I do not think that we need more determination, because we were totally concentrated for 90 minutes and you can’t do it without determination.

“I think that the problem lies in the characteristics, because these are players used to coping with men and for the moment it only detaches simply not. “


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