Andy Robertson explains how a surfer German has helped the title to Liverpool in the Premier League to bow


The players of Liverpool have taken advantage of the lessons of mental that they have been taught by a surfer big wave champion of the world during their remarkable season, and especially during the locking of the coronavirus.The Reds resume the campaign in the Premier League with only two wins the first title of the club since 1990, but having had to endure some of the suggestions according to which they would not be allowed to finish their season during the suspension of the football.

The statements “null and void” have never really gained popularity outside of social media, but they have been difficult times for the team, waiting to discover the fate of 2019/20.

The players Liverpool have been helped to manage the situation, recalling a meeting they had had with the surfer German Sebastian Steudtner, who was invited to speak to the team by Jurgen Klopp during their training camp and pre-season to Evian, france, in August.

The great surfer German Sebastian Steudtner spoke with the Liverpool team

According to the Mail Online, Steudtner has explained how to stay calm in difficult moments, which for him meant spilling his surfboard on a big wave.

He has also taught the players some breathing exercises in the swimming pool of their training complex, because members of the team have learned to stay cool under pressure, which equates to hold their breath under water for tense situations and tense during matches.

The left-back Andy Robertson said that the experience has been a huge benefit to the team.

The Liverpool team has spent a week in Evian, france, last summer

“Subconsciously, this has probably played a big role,” he told the Mail Online.

“These things were more about watching the season – sometimes you will have aches and pains, you will feel tired but you can block it from your mind. Your head can do wonderful things, but you also have voices in there that are not so good. ”

Robertson said that the inner conviction of the team is one of their best qualities, and he added that they are ready to cross the finish line in their title.

Andy Robertson said that the players of Liverpool have developed their mental strength

“This is where we’ve been so good with mind over matter “, he added.

“It is the attitude that we have adopted all season. This is why we have worked so well. We have achieved great performance when people were not expecting.

“We were trying to become the first champions to win it in march before the lockout. Maybe we will be the first to win it in June! I think we will win two of the last nine games because we’re a pretty good team. ”

“Now, we need to go out and show it to you. “


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