Android users urged to remove these 47 ‘dangerous’ apps disguised as games


From Google, Samsung, Android smartphones are some of the most popular handheld devices around the world. But if you are using an Android smartphone, a new report may urge you to reconsider the apps you have installed.

Researchers from Avast have warned of 47 dangerous applications which are presented as games on the Google Play Store.

The application, nicknamed “HiddenAds’, appear as innocent games, but in reality, including the adware technology that allows you to bomb your smartphone with ads intrusive.

Worryingly, the apps have been downloaded over 15 million times already, and 17 applications are still available on the Google Play Store.

Jakub Vavra, threat analyst at Avast, said: “Campaigns such as HiddenAds can slip into the Play Store through weakening their true purpose, or slowly introduce malicious features once already downloaded by users.

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“It is difficult to prevent adware campaigns since actors use one-off developer accounts for each application.

“While Google has been an excellent partner to remove the malicious applications, users must remain vigilant because they download new applications on their devices, and to check for tell-tale signs of a bad application, for example negative reviews, comprehensive application for authorization and more.”

The researchers ‘ analysis revealed that the applications have the option to hide their icon on your smartphone, making it difficult to find them and delete them.

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During this time, seven of these applications have been found to be able to open the phone’s browser to display other applications.

This means that the ads continue to be served, even after you have deleted the application from your device.

On the basis of the results, we recommend anyone with the apps installed to remove them immediately.

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Applications to remove

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Pull Master

Stacking Guys

Disc Go!

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The Dance Of The Execution Of The Color Of The Ball Run

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The Joy Of Working With Wood

Throw Master

Throw in the Space

Divide – Cut & Slice Game

Tony Shoot – NEW

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