American mom and daughter brew worst tea cup in history with microwave water and a third of a cup of milk


An American mom and daughter have been criticized for sharing their “British tea” recipe – with people who call it a crime.

Mom Michelle, who lives in the United States but lives in the United Kingdom, angered people after posting a video for “hot tea” last month, and now she has slaughtered classic British beer.


Mum Michelle angered the British with her “British tea” recipeCredits: TikTok

After her latest clip went viral on TikTok, Michelle said that people asked her to show them how to make a builder potion, but the British were shocked by what she had served.

She said, “So I had a lot of questions after my last video, and everyone wanted to see me make hot tea or British tea. ”

Making a cup of tea is a British institution, and although everyone has their own talent for making the perfect drink, there are a few things everyone agrees on, like boiling the kettle.

Another crucial item that must be in the cup before the water comes in is the tea bag, but Michelle has thrown these two rules out the window.

Only after pouring the milk does she “drop” the tea bagCredits: TikTok

First, it microwaves water for a paltry minute, which at best means lukewarm tea, and then pours in lashes of milk – about a third of the cup.

Only then does she “drop” the tea bag – with not enough time to brew – before pouring out an obscene amount of sugar.

Michelle then stirs the pale, presumably cold drink, and her method has been described as illegal.

Tea was labeled a 'crime' online when British people were horrified5
Tea has been labeled a “crime” online when the British were horrifiedCredits: TikTok

Sharing a clip on social media, Michelle said, “So today we are going to make some tea.

“Then fill our cup with water. Put it in the microwave, set it for a minute.

“Pour the milk. Drop your tea bag.

“Add the sugar, stir.

Michelle oddly makes a microwave rather than boiling the kettle5
Michelle oddly makes a microwave rather than boiling the kettleCredits: Tiktok / jchelle36

“This is how we make hot tea. ”

More than 100,000 people saw the clip, some claiming to have cried after watching it.

Commenting online, one person raged, “It’s a crime.”

Someone else admitted, “A little bit of me died inside when I watched this. “

The British claimed his recipe was nothing short of criminal5
The British claimed his recipe was nothing short of criminal

A third noted: “It’s just watery milk. ”

This person said, “It should be illegal. ”

Another person thought, “I don’t know what tea you’re making, but it’s not British. ”

While someone else wrote, “It’s so bad it must have been a joke. “

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