American Airlines Bans Conservative Activist Who has Refused to Wear a Mask


A conservative activist who is an ardent supporter of President Trump was barred by American Airlines, Thursday, a day after he was removed from a flight from La Guardia Airport to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, after having refused to wear a mask.

The passenger, Brandon Straka, recorded his exchange with an airline employee, the Wednesday after the boarding of the plane and shared it with a number of media.

In the video, the employee referred to the American Airlines policy that requires that all passengers and crew members to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The policy, which came into force on 11 May, because of the exemptions for the children, passengers with disabilities and medical conditions, and for people to eat or drink. It is similar to the policies of other major airlines.

The airline employee said Mr. Straka, if he does not comply that he would have to disembark from the plane, which was carrying 122 passengers. A political reporter for The New York Times, Astead Herndon, was sitting in the next seat and also registered the dispute.


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