Amazon plans summer sale for June 22 to “boost sales”


Amazon has set a date for its Summer Sale event, which is designed to give a boost to vendors feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the delay in the company’s annual Prime Day event.

The company sent a notice to sellers early Tuesday to let them know they are hosting a “fashion summer sale event” on June 22, according to a document viewed by CNBC. The notice indicates that participation in the promotional event is “by invitation only” and is expected to last seven to ten days.

“We are hosting the biggest summer sale to generate excitement and drive sales,” said the notice. “To stimulate customer engagement, we are asking for your participation. “

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to CNBC that it is hosting the summer sale later this month.

“The big style sale is expected to take place later this month and will include relevant seasonal offerings from established and smaller fashion brands,” the spokesman said in a statement. “We are delighted to help brands connect with our large global client base for this event. “

Amazon is still finalizing details of the event, which is not named, but received a working title of “Biggest Sale in the Sky.” The company is finalizing the event landing pages and has asked sellers to submit bids for the items with at least 30% off by the end of Wednesday.

It is unclear which items will be reduced as part of the sale or whether they will be limited to Prime subscribers.

The event represents a change in Amazon’s summer offer strategy. Amazon typically hosts its two-day summer sales event, Prime Day, in mid-July. However, recent reports suggest that the company will postpone its milestone until September, as its warehouses continue to handle an increase in orders due to the coronavirus.

The summer sale is likely to help some retailers sell the additional inventory they have accumulated in their warehouses in recent months. In March, buyers flooded Amazon’s website with orders for essential items like paper towels and hand sanitizer, which forced it to prioritize shipments of household and medical products until the mid-May.

Some sellers who offered products outside of these categories felt like they were left in a mess, while others could shift gears and ship items without Amazon help or by selling items in demand like face masks.

Operations in Amazon’s warehouses have slowly returned to normal in recent weeks. Sellers are now eager to participate in the summer sale as well as Prime Day, many of whom view the discount events as an opportunity to make up for lost sales in recent months.


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