Amazon hopes to HAVE help to enforce the social distance its warehouses


The company says that it has deployed the technology in a handful of its facilities, with plans to deploy “hundreds” of units ” over the next few weeks. “He said that the employees get immediate visual feedback”, but did not provide data that shows the effectiveness of the measure is the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. Amazon also has plans to open-source software so that other companies can use it as well.

While Amazon’s use of the IA and the AR is interesting here, it is perhaps the most recent example of a company attempting to apply a technological solution to what is ultimately a question of policy. A recent lawsuit filed by the workers of the society of Staten Island warehouse accused Amazon of not to follow the CDC and the New York state public health coronavirus guidelines. The lawsuit also stated that the company discourages employees from the practice of “basic hygiene” if it means that workers need to spend time away from their stations.


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