Allegation of racism: Blanchet wants Singh apologizes or may face consequences “serious”


The leader of the Bloc québécois Yves-François Blanchet hopes that Jagmeet Singh will excuse after the leader of the NDP has accused an mp of the Block to be a racist in the House of commons. Singh was expelled from the House of commons on Wednesday, to have qualified the member from the Bloc Alain Therrien “racist” after the leader of the Bloc québécois in the House blocked a motion by the NDP is denouncing the systemic racism in the RCMP.

“I hope that the leader of the NDP will condone sincerely and otherwise, I hope that the president of the House of commons will be quite severe because if the only penalty is not permitted in the room during the day and do not talk for one day, everyone will feel entitled to do the same, and throw insults and accusations on the floor,” said Blanchet during a press conference in Ottawa Thursday morning.

Earlier on Thursday, Singh has defended his comments and said he was ready to face any penalty as a result.

“I believe in what I said”, he told CTV News Channel.

The leader of the NDP has also stated that he had not spoken in private with Therrien after wearing the charge, but he is not opposed to the idea. However, he said he was most concerned by the systemic change.

“I want to see a systemic change”, he said. “I don’t really care to soothe the feelings of a person. I want to make changes to the police in order not to see another aboriginal person being brutally beaten. I want to make a change to the federal police so that the people who are in need of a review of well-being are not killed by the following. I want to see it. ”

Singh has requested the unanimous consent of the House of commons to adopt a motion recognizing the existence of systemic racism within the RCMP and to ask the government to review the budget for the police forces and the federal law that governs them, to examine their use of force and increase spending on health care and mental support to the addiction outside of the police.

Although it seems that all parties may initially have supported the motion, there has been a “no” audible in the region of the Joint where the seat of the caucus of the Bloc québécois.

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