All the worst TV characters who slowly but surely became our favorites


Not to be dramatic, but now we would do anything for these characters.


Theon’s The iron Throne


“Theon’s arc of redemption is not talked about enough. I hated him so much at first, then I felt sorry for him, and at the end of his death, I cried for days. “



Captain Holt’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine


“Captain Holt of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but it literally improves in this same episode! “


“Each Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan loves (or should love) Captain Raymond Holt and his family – Kevin, his fluffy little boy Cheddar and his son Jake! ”



Steve Harrington from Strange things


“It starts out like your typical teenage douchebag that you’re actively involved with in the 80s movies, but it drops the facade and at the end of season 1 you realize it’s really not that bad bad guy after all. He’s a jester with a huge heart. Harrington team! “


“Steve Harrington from Strange things started out as one of the worst television characters I’ve ever seen! He was such a jerk in season 1 – but a cute one nonetheless. Then he totally changed the game and is one of my favorite characters of all time! I absolutely love watching him fight the bad guys with the kids, and he’s so funny too! Mama Steve for the victory! ”



Caroline of The Vampire Diaries


“It was the worst at first, so superficial and boring. Her character grew so much and turned to the smartest, kindest and closest characters in the series. She ended up being my favorite. “


“Caroline Forbes started out really self-absorbed, superficial and had a terrible relationship with her mom. As the show continued and she became a vampire, her character development has improved so much. She became strong and her relationship with her mom “became one of the most sincere in the series. One of the saddest scenes was the death of her mother. I also liked how she became a mom. ”



Sawyer from Lost


“Sawyer was such a rude and contemptible character at first, but DAMN was my favorite at the end! So much growth. I really loved her bow and her development! “


“He started out as a selfish and lonely character. In the end, he cared about people, cared for them and was very connected with them. One of my favorite redemption bows of all time. ”


“At the start of the series, it’s just a dustbag with decent jokes. In the end, your heart breaks when he jumps out of the helicopter to lighten the load, and you end up interrupting his relationship with Juliette. ”



Bellamy Blake from The 100


“When they got to the ground in season 1, he was arrogant and on a bit of a power trip. He was always a leader, but during the show, he evolved so much and became a more balanced and compassionate. “



Pennsatucky’s Orange is the new black


“Pennsatucky has grown from a racist, anti-gay, bashing tyrant to a kind-hearted, sincere, and non-judgmental human being. I was devastated that she didn’t have a happy ending.



Eli Pope from Scandal


“He rubbed me the wrong way based on first impressions. During the series, I ended up being a fan. “



Dr Alex Karev from Grey’s anatomy


“He was an absolute idiot at first!” He was selfish and awful for Izzie. But the development of his character was magnificent, and he showed us that he had a heart under this difficult exterior. “


“Dr. Alex Karev from Grey’s anatomy. At first he was a total donkey, but he became your favorite. ”



Bonnie’s The Vampire Diaries


“I couldn’t bear Bonnie’s The Vampire Diaries at the start of the show. I think they were all pretty superficial high school kids in the first season. She was moaning and boring. Don’t tell me how many times she said “Grams”. But at one point, she became that badass who saved everyone on the show and literally the world over and over. She had a good sense of humor, great friendships and a deadly killer look. I was more invested in his relationship with Enzo than any other in the series. For me, she saved the last seasons of the series and overshadowed Caroline as the best badass in the series. “



Prince Zuko from Avatar the last airbender


“This is fairly common, but Prince Zuko Avatar the last airbender. At first he was obsessed with regaining his honor by capturing the Avatar and he was horrible for his uncle, but by the end he had become a completely different person. He went from trying to capture the Avatar to teach him to bend over fire, and he apologized to his uncle for how horrible he was to him! An absolutely incredible arc of redemption for an excellent character. “



Quinn Fabray from Joy


“His character development was honestly the best of the whole series. She went from being the most unreliable hypocrite to everyone’s best friend. I feel like the last episode hurt us all by not showing us how her life went. “



Nellie’s Office


“She started by stealing Andy’s work but eventually became one of the funniest and deepest characters and that is the only reason I come back to season 9.”



Petra’s Jane the Virgin


“She was legitimately the worst person at the start of the series. She was my favorite of all the cast during the series finale. What a great character bow! “



Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill


“Nathan Scott! He started out as a complete idiot and in the end was caring, loving and someone who would do anything for anyone. I love how you can see that his relationship with Haley and his growing bond with his brother made him a better person.



Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


“At the beginning, it’s a horrible bully who has no filter and at the end (including his time on angel) She is a Badass warrior who is not afraid to say what she thinks, but who is also loving, kind and has a tremendous loyalty to her friends. “



John Murphy from The 100


“John was totally the villain of Season 1, but over the course of the series, he became one of the smartest and friendliest characters. Richard Harmon really sold his development as a real hero while being really Murphy. Scars, snark, and everything. He still makes mistakes, but instead of just surviving, he tries to protect as many people as possible. “



Dwight’s Office


“Dwight was such a vacuum cleaner and a bad villain who didn’t know how to interact with others. You see the journey of his literal hero and at the end, you take root to get everything he wants because he really won He also won the respect of his colleagues and, above all, he finally has respect for them. I never thought watching the first Dwight seasons would be my favorite character, but here we are. “



Alexis of Schitt’s Creek


“Certainly the whole family experienced great character development, but Alexis was the best. She started out as that annoying, self-absorbed and ignorant girl, but she became an independent and hard-working boss who put others before herself. have guessed how incredible she was going to be last season. “



Damon of The Vampire Diaries


“At first, he seemed to be the main antagonist. But in the end, he was almost everyone’s favorite guy. “



Jaime Lannister from The iron Throne


“Jaime Lannister! In the first episode, we see him making love with his sister and pushing Bran out the window! But during the series, he turns out to be an honorable man, saving King’s Landing from destruction and jumping a -mis in a bear pit to save the life of his captor (and falls in love with her and knights her off .) Jaime is complex and gray, but in the end I cried for his loss and I still cry what could have been. The performance of Nikolaj made Jaime more than a villain, it showed the depth of emotion and honor of the last lion Lannister. It’s been a year and I still miss him. “



Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.


“When I started watching Gilmore Girls, I’ve always stood for Lorelai and I’ve seen Emily and Richard from Lorelai’s perspective. Now I see that they took great care of their daughter and just tried to do what was best for her, while Lorelai liked to play the victim and make fun of the way they lived their lives. “



And finally, Dina de Hypermarket


“His character seemed mean and too abrasive compared to the other characters at first. However, over time, we learn more about her story and she builds better relationships with other characters. She is one of the best and funniest characters on the show! “


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Note: Some answers have been modified for reasons of length and clarity.

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