Albertans call for distribution of free mask for disaster


Albertans question the distribution of free non-medical masks in fast food restaurants after people have received government funding more than 10 times. The limit for each vehicle is supposed to be a pack of four non-medical masks, but some drivers have received more than a dozen masks in a bag.

“We have to operate on the honor system, and I think if we find the rare situation where someone decided not to … look, I think most Albertans can be trusted,” said the Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro.

Some describe the method of distributing drive-thru as “discriminatory”, saying that it excludes people without a vehicle.

Albertans are advised to ask a family member, friend or neighbor to collect the free masks for themselves or call 211 for assistance.

“It is legitimate to request and receive more than one kit if they pass them on as a courtesy to their neighbors and friends, but of course if people amass those that would be very disappointing,” said Prime Minister Jason Kenney.

The Alberta government has pledged to supply 20 million masks to more than 600 Tim Hortons, A&W and McDonald’s branches. The government has a stock of 20 million additional masks, but has not yet decided how it will distribute them.


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