Alberta ups ante in the NHL hub offers, mountain terrains, tours for family players


Alberta is raising the bar in its Edmonton offer to co-host the NHL summer Stanley Cup tournament, pitching the Rocky Mountain excursions for family players.”It’s the obvious choice to bring NHL to Edmonton,” Alberta Premier Jason Kenney wrote on Twitter in a short introduction to a video he posted celebrating panoramic views of the soaring mountains and lakes.

“We are looking forward to the league and players here for Alberta, to take in the beautiful province we have to offer. ”

Edmonton competes with Toronto and Vancouver along with US venues to be one of two cities hubs to host NHL games in isolation to end the season, which was suspended on March 12 due to COVID -19 pandemic.

The league plans to reopen training camps on July 10, but has not yet released a schedule for the 24 teams still competing for the Cup.

The offer by the Oilers and Kenney previously emphasized that Alberta has flattened the curve on COVID case, is a world leader per capita test, and could keep players isolated because of the downtown Rogers Place arena house is linked by passing hotels and other amenities.

Christine Myatt, Kenney spokesperson, said they want to provide opportunities for families.

“It is our hope that, after completing the 14-day quarantine package, that family gamers can explore all that Alberta has to offer – and that includes our beautiful mountain parks,” said Myatt in a statement.

“We want to show off our province, many attractions in our efforts to attract the NHL playoffs to Edmonton. ”

The mountain parks, about a five-hour drive from Edmonton.

Alberta is in the process of doing medical checkups and follow-ups for all international travelers, and Tom McMillan, Alberta Health spokesperson, told the players, families will not be exempt.

“All families of NHL players visiting Alberta should present a self-isolation and self-isolation plan for 14 days, just like any other traveler entering the province from outside of the country, “McMillan said in a statement.

“The families of NHL players could not travel within the province until this mandatory self-isolation is complete. ”

The NHL players themselves, McMillan that, by acting as a cohort and isolating it from the public for the duration of the tournament. He said which means they couldn’t travel to Banff or other places with their families.

Last week, the federal government approved around 40 plans for possible NHL players to come to Canada to play. The traditional 14-day quarantine was seen as a barrier to Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver winning a bid at a city crossroads.

The quarantine cohort would be to keep players separate from the general public, rather than requiring players to isolate individually for a period of two weeks.

The NHL is one of several North American professional leagues looking to return to play, but COVID continues to be a problem.

The NHL said last week that it has tested more than 200 players at the facilities club during voluntary training since June 8 with 11 positive tests.

If the tournament goes ahead, the two hub cities each host 12 teams in the tournament from each of the two conferences. Las Vegas is considered the favorite in the United States, unless the two Canadian sites are taken over.

The Stanley Cup final is slated to be in one of two cities.


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