Alan Sugar is causing outrage by insisting that the lock should be lifted because I am not dead


Lord Alan Sugar unleashed fury after suggesting that the British foreclosure should be relaxed because “he is not dead”.The 73-year-old apprentice boss spoke to Jeremy Vine about his thoughts on the pandemic, and hinted that Boris Johnson was “too cautious” about the British foreclosure.

During the interview, he also claimed that no one he knew had caught anything, which led Sugar to believe that the worst of the pandemic had passed.

Speaking by video call, the television star suggested that the United Kingdom follow in the footsteps of the United States and France and reopen for business.

His interview sparked outrage on social media, and comes at the same time that some parts of the United States have reported an increase in the number of cases.

“Look, I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to give medical advice and all that,” he began during the interview.

Lord Alan Sugar said he did not know anyone affected by the virus

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“The only thing I can say is that I have been here in Florida for six months and so I went through the crisis, the shortage of respirators, the lack of masks, the wearing of clothes, the beds hospital being full, blah blah blah, blah blah blah.

He continued: “And I have now seen the transition from the opening of restaurants, for example tennis courts, golf clubs, 50% restaurants, shops open all the time in all honesty, and that has been going on for six weeks now, and so I’m just saying logically, well, wait six weeks, we’ve come out of this so-called lock… ”

Alan then explained that no one he knew had caught the virus and this could be a “clue” that the peak has passed.

TV personality appeared on video call in Jeremy Vine show

He continued, “Who died? I am not. I’m still alive. My wife, thank God, is still alive. Everyone I know. No one else caught anything.

“So, I guess this is a clue that we may have peaked. And perhaps it is time for us to follow the example of America, or of France which has opened up, or of Spain.

“I think Prime Minister Johnson unfortunately had a problem himself and I think he is a little too careful if you ask me, just slightly. “

The apprentice’s boss has been in Florida since the start of the pandemic

The statement caused frustration online as viewers questioned his authority over the medical crisis.

“Why does Alan Sugar ask himself these questions in the first place?” He has no expertise to offer on how to handle a public health crisis, “wrote a Twitter subscriber.

Another Twitter user appeared to link Sugar without knowing the victims of the coronavirus to the impact of the virus on the working class and people of color.

Lord Alan Sugar added that Boris Johnson had been “too careful”

“What a surprise, Lord Alan Sugar does not know anyone counted in the death toll, in which the working class and people of color (and those who fall in both) are shamefully overrepresented,” they wrote.

Another furious fan wrote: “Revolting, stupid, useless f ***** g wasted space. What a c ** t.

“He thinks it is a” clue “that the virus is finished because he and his wife are still alive? Absolutely what he is even talking about. Oh well I didn’t die so there probably wasn’t even a virus anyway ha ha ha. Logically, alan sugar is stupid shit, “added a fourth.

Alan Sugar is known as the fiery boss of The Apprentice

Another identified that there could be an economic interest behind the message: “Alan Sugar has a lot to lose if people do not return to work in the offices because he has lots of offices in London! ”

Alan has lived in Florida since the start of the pandemic.

Just yesterday, Reuters reported that the state of Florida had seen an increase in the number of cases this week – alongside five other states.

The “record” increase in the number of cases in the United States is in addition to the highest death toll in the world, with 116,125 deaths in the United States as of June 17.

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