Airdrie Rainbow Crosswalk tarred and plucked just one week after being vandalized by insults


Residents of Airdrie, Alberta, discovered over the weekend that the city’s rainbow crossing was vandalized with anti-gay slurs.Members of Airdrie Pride, as well as community members, responded to this act of hatred by repainting the trail.

But this morning, the group was “horrified and heartbroken” to see the path vandalized a second time – this time, tarred and feathered.

“Just when we think we can move forward in our lives and be who we are, we get a reminder that our province is really not ready to be open-minded and accept all of the people who live here,” Tammy Plunkett said with Airdrie Pride.

A resident had discovered black tar spread over much of the colorful rainbow path, with feathers poured over it.

“It’s not completely covered, but enough to make it ugly,” said Plunkett. “And it looks like it’s going to be very difficult to take off. ”

Airdrie mayor Peter Brown said the city will work with the RCMP to determine who may have been involved.

“Words [come to mind] as sad, disappointed, pathetic. In fact, he’s really very angry, “said Brown. I am in awe of the fact that there are one or more people who take the time to have these actions. It’s really pathetic. ”

RCMP Media Relations Officer Cpl. Teri-Ann Bakker said police are asking the public for help in identifying those involved.

“The RCMP takes offenses very seriously and is working with the community to do what it can to help restore the path,” said Bakker.

First case

Last weekend, Plunkett said that Nose Creek Park had seen a variety of racist and anti-gay bomb-painted connections on the trails and on the rainbow.

Airdrie Pride had already planned to repaint the path in the coming weeks, but moved the timeline to remove the graffiti.

Some of the racist and anti-gay graffiti was painted on Airdrie Pride Road last weekend. (Airdrie Pride)

“For me, to make it happen so soon, it’s clearly someone who wants to spread a message. It’s useful, it’s very useful, “said Plunkett.

“Making it happen like this is heartbreaking, and it scares us to be proud and boisterous in the community now, because, what’s next? ”

Anyone with surveillance footage, camera recordings or who has witnessed suspicious activity near Nose Creek Regional Park between 3 p.m. June 19 at 11:20 a.m. June 20 or between 10:26 p.m. June 26 and 11:00 a.m. June 27, please contact the Airdrie RCMP

“The RCMP has a mandate to improve public safety, which includes investigating and prosecuting those who commit such acts, ensuring that citizens feel welcome and safe in their community. The community of Airdrie and the RCMP will work together to take the necessary steps required to restore the track, “read an RCMP email release.

The incident was not the first hate event in Alberta’s history directed against pride organizations. In 2017, a pride flag in Taber, Alberta, was shredded and then burned.

The Calgary pedestrian crossing was also vandalized twice last year with hate speech. Airdrie is located just north of Calgary.


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