Airbus Seeks to Cut Jobs in UK as Orders Dry Up | Business


Airbus is considering a voluntary layoff plan for up to 500 British workers as the planner seeks to cut costs in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The European automaker’s job cuts in the UK are expected to mainly affect the large factory in Broughton, North Wales, which produces wings for commercial aircraft such as the A320 and A350.

When compulsory redundancies are included, it is likely that job losses in the UK will be several times higher.

One option was to offer voluntary redundancy to 500 workers, focusing on those nearing retirement, said someone familiar with the discussions. However, another source warned that no final decision had been made and that this was just one of the many options as the manufacturer prepared for years of declining demand.

Airbus announced in April that it would reduce the number of aircraft manufactured by a third. Airlines around the world have canceled or delayed orders for new aircraft because their fleets have been frozen.

The production cuts have led to the expectation of thousands of job cuts in Airbus’s global operations.


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