Air India flight to Paris is going to void that France places borders on Vande Bharat


Air India has operated on a ferry flight to Paris on Monday that the French government has limited the airline to transport passengers from France on its evacuation flights.

Around 50 passengers who reported to the airport have been denied boarding due to these restrictions.

Air India has started the Vande Bharat mission last month to bring home stranded Indians. More than 100 000 citizens have returned to the house on these flights since May, and around 34 000 have traveled abroad on the legs.

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Foreign governments have raised concerns about Air India being the transportation of passengers in both directions while restrictions have been imposed on the repatriation flights.

While the U.S. department of transportation has accused India, the discrimination, the French authorities have taken a view on the repatriation flights are to be conducted on a principle of reciprocity in the framework of air service agreements.

An official of aviation, said during the Air India received approval from France to his evacuation flight, he was informed that he must operate a ferry flight to Paris. This means that it can not carry passengers to France. A similar situation has been imposed on the French repatriation flights to India.

Apparently Air India is selling tickets to the Monday flight from Paris before receiving the approval of the French authorities.

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Two more Vande Bharat mission flights are scheduled from Delhi to Paris on June 26 and 29.

“The flight of the IA 1117, from Mumbai to Paris today, has been operated as a ferry for operational reasons. Most of the 78 passengers that have booked in it have been informed of the cancellation, ” Air India said in an e-mail

However, passengers complained that they were not informed of the cancellation and learned about it only after reaching the airport.

A response of French civil aviation authorities is expected.


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