Agents of SHIELD alter formally the timeline of Marvel


Agents of SHIELD Season 7 has officially changed the timeline of the MCU back in a major event decades earlier. The seventh and final season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is essentially a ride through the history of Marvel. An alien race known as the Chronicoms tries to rewrite the past in order to ensure that it can conquer the Earth in the present. The team SHIELD has also fallen for the journey back in time and tries desperately to prevent the Chronicoms to succeed.

Agents of SHIELD In the season 7, episode 5 sees the SHIELD arrive in 1973. There, they discover that Hydra is working on Project Insight, a satellite orbital that will target all potential threats to their own conquest of the Earth. It was, of course, the project of Captain America: The Soldier Winter – which is set in 2014. The timing of the Hydra seems to have progressed in 50 years, thanks to Chronicoms, which means that there is no Captain America to stop them this time. The team of the SHIELD is naturally shocked by what seems to have been a rewriting of history, but she hopes that she can always put things back on the rails. After all, the version of the 70 Project Insight is based at the lighthouse, and the existence of this facility had been mysteriously erased records of SHIELD in season 5; so that it could be the original Project’s Insight in the 1970s has just been hidden. The timing could still work – just about.

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A careful look Agents of SHIELD season 7, episode 5 confirms that the timeline has been permanently altered. The main problem is Wilfred Malick, who is still alive and is working with his son Nathaniel as the major figures of Hydra. As confirmed in Agents of SHIELD season 3, Wilfred Malick would have had to die, in 1970; shortly after, Nathaniel was transported on the planet Maveth in an ancient ritual Hydra, his death orchestrated by his brother Gideon Malick. Wilfred and Nathaniel are confirmed alive and active on Earth in 1973, and – later in the episode – in 1976. The Chronicles have clearly created a whole new timeline.

Wilfred Malick's Agents of SHIELD

It is difficult to say what will be the long-term implications of this, particularly because Agents of SHIELD has not been particularly clear on the operation of its model of time travel. It is possible that the Chronic have created a chronology of branching in the Multiverse, but in Agents of SHIELD season 7, episode 2 Simmons has suggested that there is only a single timeline, a future that could potentially be rewritten by changing the past. Anyway, the future in preparation is a lot more dangerous – and it will be very different from the chronology of the original. The SHIELD destroyed Project Insight in 1976, but the Hydra still has the list of potential threats that they intend to eliminate. It is not difficult to imagine murdering quietly to the young Bruce Banner, for example, that would be only seven years old in 1976. SHIELD has passed the point of no return, and the future is now in operation.

It remains to be seen if these changes will continue or if the SHIELD will go back in time and try to stop the Chronic alliance with Hydra in 1955. They will need help to do this, because according to Simmons, it is only possible to travel back in time using the Time Monolith. Fortunately, Fitz is always there, and it has a part of the Time Monolith, which means that there is still hope for Agents of SHIELD.

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