After The Video Shows The Apparent Chokehold, N. Y. P. D. Suspends Agent


The video cell phone, taken in the vicinity of 116th Street Beach, shows three officers on top of Mr. de Bellevue, including an officer, to whom Ms. de Zeno named David Afanador, appearing to press his fore- arms, in the neck, while the spectators were screaming that the man was choking. The agent’s shield number in the video matches Agent Afanador’s name in a public database of federal police trials maintained by the Legal Aid Society.

Mr. Bellevue lost consciousness during the arrest, according to Ms. Zeno, and he appeared slack in the cell phone video. He was detained on suspicion of disorderly conduct, government administration obstruction and resistance to the arrest, she said. Ms. Zeno said he had a fucking scalp and swollen wrists when she saw him in the city.

“It was a hard chokehold that he couldn’t speak to say he couldn’t breathe,” she said.

Agent of Afanador can be heard on the body of the footage camera telling the other person that Mr. de Bellevue, who the authorities knew had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and the other two men who appeared to be in condition intoxicated. So Mr. de Bellevue acted like he was going to hit another agent with something, Agent de Afanador said.

“The minute I saw him flex on him is when he goes down because we have no harm and we are not going to leave someone violent here who could do that one from you or another innocent person, ”Afanador’s agent can be heard. “This is why he is in his wrists and this is why he goes to the hospital because we know he is sick.”

In the late afternoon, video clips of the arrest began to circulate online, sparking outrage and calls for an investigation and the release of officers from the video camera body.

The State Legislature and City Council passed a law making chokeholds a criminal offense following protests against police brutality erupted across the state and the country invited by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in police hands.

A white police officer, Derek Chauvin, leaning on his knee, Mr. Floyd necks for several a few minutes before his death.


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