After the United States, France, and the united arab Emirates oppose Vande Bharat Air India, told to get permission before taking the plane


International flights Latest news: After the United States and France are opposed to the mission Vande Bharat Air India, in which it is the only authorized carrier in India for the international services, the united arab Emirates have also extended similar objections. According to a report, the united arab Emirates have told Air India that they would not be authorizing the flights of Air India even if they carry nationals of the united arab Emirates from India. If someone wants to fly on a flight VBM India to Dubai, so this person will need to seek the approval of the embassy of the united arab Emirates in New Delhi, according to information. Also read – international Flights: list of countries and airlines that have started their operations after the lock COVID-19

After this, Air India has asked for permission to Dubai to continue the mission because there is a huge demand for the road India-united arab Emirates. Also read – international Flights soon: Air India under pressure after having caught up with up to Rs 40 Lakh a flight | Here’s how it will start

All passengers, including the indian nationals who hold a residence permit / work permit valid in the united arab Emirates and have received approval from the federal Authority of the united arab Emirates for identity and citizenship – the united arab Emirates (CIA) of the united arab Emirates or an approval of the general Directorate of residency and foreign affairs (GDRFA) applicable to Dubai should have the specific approval of the embassy of the united arab Emirates to New Delhi and department of foreign Affairs and international cooperation of the united arab Emirates (MOFAIC) to travel from India to the united arab Emirates (united arab Emirates ) on these flights of repatriation. Read also – “Many countries want to repatriate citizens on the lines of the mission Vande Bharat,” said the ministry of civil Aviation

Since may, Air India brings back the Indians stranded in various countries because of the lockout imposed by the coronavirus.

Then it enters the airspace of other countries, no other airline is allowed to enter the airspace of india, which has given rise to recent problems, many countries are opposed to the monopolization of Air India.


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