AEW issues statement on alleged abuse of Jimmy Havoc, says they “assess” his status with them


AEW issued a statement on Jimmy Havoc’s status to the company following allegations of mental abuse from a former partner. Rebecca Crow posted on Twitter yesterday with others to join the #SpeakingOut movement and alleged that Havoc had been mentally abusive to her during the three years of their relationship, including suicide threats, attempted suicide. self-harm in front of her when they argue and other forms of verbal abuse.Crow noted that Havoc, among others, “[tell] me that I was a horrible person, that I did not love him, that I hurt him on purpose and that I made him want to die. He told me that he would participate in the death tournament and kill himself there, and if I tried to enter to save him, he would tell the door not to let me in. She also claimed that Havoc was drunk during the WrestleMania weekend in Orlando in 2017 and had made her “verbal punching bag everyday” to the point that she had to run away from him at the actual PPV because ‘she couldn’t bear to be next to him. She added that when she tried to leave him for the first time after an episode of Smackdown in London, it was because he was drunk and verbally abusive and that he had upset his friend. She claims that he “rushed over to her, grabbed her arm and stood up in the face to” apologize “. She was afraid. ”

Havoc did not comment publicly on the allegations, but AEW issued a statement in which it said that it was receiving “treatment and counseling to help overcome mental health and addiction issues in its life” and that they were aware of the reports. The press release concludes: “We are assessing his status with our company and will respond to it when he has successfully completed his rehabilitation.”


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