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Adam Carolla back of Jimmy Kimmel, says impressions are “not blackface’


Just in time for father’s day, comedian Adam Carolla is with his third book, ” Daddy, Stop Talking!’ He speaks of her and her new documentary on the race car of the passion of the late Paul Newman. (June 1)

After Jimmy Kimmel apologized on Tuesday for appearing in blackface to impersonate the identity of NBA star Karl Malone and other Black celebrities years ago, his friend Adam Carolla has offered his support.

On his daily podcast the Adam Carolla Show, “the host classified Kimmel” in my top three of all time,, honest people I’ve ever met in my life. “

“He is the most decent person you’ve ever met. He is the most generous person you’ve ever met, “said Carolla, who was the host co-hosted Comedy Central’s” The Man Show ” with Kimmel, from 1999 to 2004. “If everyone was like Jimmy Kimmel, we’d be living in a (expletive) utopia. “

Adam Carolla offered his support to his friend and former ‘Man Show’ co-host Jimmy Kimmel on his podcast on Tuesday. (Photo: Araya Diaz, Getty Images for International Myeloma Foundation)

Corolla remarks came the same day that Kimmel, responding to criticism of his appearances in blackface years, issued a statement apologizing for his impersonation of Malone and other Black celebrities to the radio and ” The Man Show “, who reveled to violate socially acceptable behavior.

Mea culpa: Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for “embarrassing” blackface sketch, says he’s ‘evolved’

“I have long been reluctant to this address because I knew that it would have celebrated as a victory by those who associate apologies with weakness and encourage leaders who use prejudice to divide us. This delay was a mistake, ” Kimmel wrote in a press release issued Tuesday.

The ABC late-night host said he ” never thought that this could be seen as anything other than an imitation of another human being, that had nothing to do with Karl’s skin color than his bulging muscles and bald head. “

While Kimmel was apologetic about the blackface appearances, Carolla, the choice of a different approach to his former co-host after having seen “The Man Show” and #CancelKimmel trends on Twitter, took issue with the criticism.

First of all, he believes that actors, by their very nature, challenge social conventions.

Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla hosted “The Man Show” on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2004. (Photo: Jeff Kravitz, COMEDY CENTRAL)

“Can we remove the jewellers’ loupe and the honor of the actors? The politicians, OK, they make the policy … even the coaches or moms or dads, fine. The actors are there to push things,” he said.

It has also sought to differentiate to make an impression of a Black celebrity of blackface in general. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines blackface as ” dark makeup worn, as by a performer in a minstrel show, in a caricature of the appearance of a Black person. “)

“I said years ago and I thought it would be. Blackface is something. Make Karl Malone is something else, or to Oprah, it is something else. … That is not blackface, ” Carolla said.

Adam Carolla, left, and Jimmy Kimmel appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2001, during the term of their office, hosting Comedy Central’s” The Man Show “. (Photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images)

He said that people do or say things that are not considered out-of-bounds, years ago should not be “canceled” because such actions are now considered offensive. “It is not acceptable today. If someone did that now, then we need to look at it as something very different from that era. “

Carolla has also tried to withdraw from the race and politics out of the equation, referring to corporal punishment in schools, which took place several decades ago. “If you meet a person over the age of 45, they will tell you that they got the canoe, they struck him, the teacher would with a ruler. … Paddling a kid sounds pretty outrageous in 2020 and no one would stand for it. … But people involved at the time where it was common practice or was a context, we do not need to build a time machine so we can cancel-the culture of them. “


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