Acero AEW Dynamite review 6.10.20


Refresh for the latest AEW Dynamite resultsHi everyone! Please head over to Larry’s GoFundMe for his daughters. We all appreciate it.

Still in Texas. I had half a bottle of something called “TURKEY WHISKEY” and right now Cody Rhodes looks like a # 2 pencil. Look, if I say Jeff Hardy beats Droz in a 12 minute NO DQ match, don’t don’t say a word.

We are live! Jericho goes out with a bat to advertise with JR and CO.

Match 1: The butcher and the blade against FTR

Dax and Blade to start. Blocking and deadlock. Blade places Dax in the corner until the referee takes him out. Dax tries the same, and he must also move back to 4. Lateral headgear dismantled by Dax. Turns it into a pin for 1. NO! Dax gets up, still squeezes the hold. On the ropes, and they have to break it. Kick from The Blade, then a chop. Chop Dax. Another. Right forearm in the face. Tackle and another and a slide across then a go behind and a roll of Dax. He holds the tights for 1..2..N! O !!! Interior cradle for 1..2… NO !!! Removal of the side angle. Tag to Cash and it flies off the 2nd string with an ax. Tag to Dax and Cash sends Blade to Dax’s trunk. He enters to trample, then works his arm, strikes. Northern Lights in a pin for 1..2… N! O !!!

Tag from Dax and comes The Butcher. Dax distracted, Cash tries to profit, he does, but has to hit a few uppercuts to get any kind of motivation. He jumps over the ropes, hits a dropkick, but Butcher still won’t descend. It looks like Cash landed on his shoulder. Cash with a rollup for 1… NO !!!! Butcher’s hard crossbody. He sends Cash around the corner. Tag to Blade and Butccher hits a chop. Cash tries one of his own, but is arrested. Blade distracted and Butcher stifles Cash. Blade kick Cash, Cash turns around and hits certain rights. The blade smothers the strings, then labels them in the butcher. Butcher also smothers him for 4, then sends Cash around. Right hand. Tag to Blade. Double whim in cash. Again, dropping it around the corner. The blade hits the strings! He jumps, Cash catches him! BLOW OF POWER! Pleasant. Tag to Dax, who arrives and hits a Brainbuster! He places Blade in the corner, the launcher repels Dax, Cash enters, grabs his head, Dax too, they pound him and hit a DDT !!! Blade launches Cash off, Dax strikes a right hand. He flies, locks his head. Tag from Cash. Dax Superplex, Cash Frog splash! Cover for 1… 2..No !!!! Blade’s knee. Tag to Butcher. He sends Dax in Butcher, they double the team with a Uranage shot then the cover gets 1… 2..NO !!! Tag to Blade. They’re leaving for another team, it’s Cash!

GOOD NIGHT EXPRESS !!! Blade turns back, Csah gets a label. Piledriver from Dax AND CASH! Pin for 1… 2… 3 !!!

Winner: FTR
A great start, I think, that didn’t give everything they had, but still showed that they were capable, and also gave a good cry to Tully and Arn, who were both looking in the crowd.
Total evaluation: ***

FTR calls this organization the pinnacle of team wrestling. Before going too far, the Young Bucks said the game was great. They also want to help them help the Bucks get out of a jam, introduce themselves and be called the best AEW tag team. They say it’s good to meet FTR, but in the end Butcher and Blade to attack. Havoc and Kip show uP! Omega and Page then appear, and Page has a glass of whiskey! CHEERS COWBOY!

Behind the scenes, The Natural Nightmares are informed that they will face Hnagman and Omega. Brandi wants to explain why Allie is wearing the Rhodes jacket. It disturbs. Dustin asks if QT knows what’s at stake here. Dustin says Hangman can take his head off and he needs QT in the game. Needs him with Dustin. It could be them at the Fyter Fest. Win these titles next week. Get what’s in her system because Allie won’t be in the ring next week. Awww.

Match 2: Penelope Ford and Nyla Rose against Kris Stratlender and Hikaru Shida

The heels attack the faces of the jump. Ford smothers Hikaru with a boot while Nyla manages Statlander. Statlander and Nia to start. She gets a dropkick on the head, Jericho’s crush, then sweeps Shida. She strikes right, tags Kris, then strikes, then sweeps Shida. Shida hits a running knee. Statlander at the top, flies, but Nyla moves and knocks Shida off the apron. Hard right to Kris and a pin for 1..2..NO !!! Nyla drops an elbow to Kris’s head. Scratch to the knee by Nyla. The body slams against Kris. Nyla’s leg fall.

We’re back from a break and Nyla has her arms drawn behind Kris. Kris turns away, puts a right, kicks high, swings forward out of a grip, kicks the nhits to the right, eventually knocking Nyla down. Tag to Shida. Tag to Ford. Shida, missesa ight, kicks, whips in the corner, Shidasends Ford on top, stretched horizontally. Shida’s knee. She hangs Ford over the apron and heads outside. Performing a high knee lift from Shida. Shida at the top string. Ford turns around and Shida flies with a dropkick. Shida hangs her head, raises, suplex! Cover for 1..2… NO !!!! Tag to Ford. Ford jumps and they double the team with a backbreaker. Hida kicks the back of the head and knocks Nyla down. Huge moonsualt of Kris and blankets for 1..2… NO !!!! Ford with a DDT! Cover for 1..2… N! O !! Tag to Nyla. Nyla with a firefighter. Kris elbows. Kick in the back of the head. Ford in it, Kris misses a right, STUNNER to Kris! ShidA running knee! Nyla on the top rope! Shida stops her. She locks her head. SUPERPLEX in Nyla !!! Kris hits the strings. Ax blow to the back of the head. Blanket! 1… 2… NO !!!! Tag to Shida. Shida beats her back, opts for a Suplex, but Nyla is too strong, she revises and hangs Shida on the upper rope. Kick to Kris. She also catches it and draps it on the upper rope. Nyla flies! She leaves a hard one on the two girls! Tag to Ford. Ford on the apron. Shida on Nyla’s shoulders. Ford jumps but Kris restrains her. Knee kick to Nyla. Shida with a FALCON ARROWS FORD !!! Pin for 1… 2… NO !!!! She hits the strings. Sabian is holding his leg. Statlander flies the ropes for a suicide dive.

Ford has the female title !!! She smells Shida in the face! Northern Lights! Pin for 1… 2… .3 !!!

Winners: Penelope Ford and Nyla Rose
A well organized match that gained momentum in the 2nd half. I don’t think Ford is the best hand, but they can’t all be great, right?
Total evaluation: ** 1/2

We get a black and white video of Darby Allin with Tony Hawk. Sick. He tries some sick movements off the scales, because shit.

JR brings in Dr. Baker and his infernal rehab course.

We receive a video package from her and what she went through.

Match 3: The Inner Circle vs Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

AS SOON AS THE RINGTONES, the heels attack! Hager sends OC outside and drops him on his back on the steel. Is this steel? Damn, who knows. IN the ring, Trent is in shock. He gets hit with one right, another. Taylor is finally able to climb on the apron. Chop in Trent. Trent eats a whip, dodges an aplsah, hits a chop, another, another, another and a final is blocked. Trent is able to lock his head, goes for a Tornado DDT, but Santana escapes and kicks his face! Tretn sticks out and bewildered! Ortiz obtains a label and arrives with a few rihts. Chuck’s tag He enters, sends the boot to the face, and a lateral suplex is struck by Trent. Trent hits the ropes, suicide suicide in Hager! Chuck Taylor flies over the top rope on Santana and Ortiz! Chuck grabs Ortiz and sends him in a spear through Trent. Chuck sends Ortiz into the ring. Trent enters with Chuck, they try to double the team, but Hager enters and shows Chuck! Santana arrives, and he and Hager go up to the apron. Tag to Hanger .powerbomb to Chuck. Hager Bomb. Pin for 1..2… NO !!!

We get Santana hitting one knee on the apron. Hager with the right hands in the corner. Tag and Santana and Ortiz double the team. Chuck fights from the corner, but Hager gets a label. Tag at Trent. He sends the heels of the apron. Chop Hager, right hand. Whip in the corner, Trent rolls in the corner then falls in a hold, and he fell on the ropes! Hager beacon to Ortiz which strikes a suplex and a cover for 1..2… NO! Ortiz turns a little. He lifts Trent and then sends him into Santana’s boot. Tag to Hager ho beats Trent against the ropes. Tag to Ortoiz. Ortiz with rights. Double team at Trnet. Trent kicks Ortiz and sends Hager over the top rope. Ortiz misses a splsh. Tornado DDT in Ortiz. OC calls the tag… barely!

Tag to OC. He enters, fixes Hager. He measures it! Devastating kicks to the shins! Another! He is lifted by Hager in the corner, throws himself through the ring, stumbles Hager with his body, then puts his hands in his pockets! Arrive Santana and Ortiz, who eat one hurricane at a time! Suicide plunges to Hager! Shoulder strap from the top roOrtiz, hits the ropes, Tornado DDT at Santana. Rope at the top, it dives, Hager grabs it and drops it hard with a snap. Pin for 1… 2.NO !!! Best friends stop him. Hager lifts Trent, drops him, sends him over the top with a clothesline. Santana drops Chuck outside. Tag to Ortiz. Hager grabs Orange and puts him seated in the corner. Ortiz on his hands and knees. Santana runs on Ortiz and hits a cannon ball.

OC on the shoulders, they look for Streetsweeper, Chuck pushes Sntana, Orange turns the plug into a pin! 1… 2… .3 !!!

Winners: The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy
You name me a better wrestler than Orange Cassidy. I’ll wait.
Total evaluation: *****

Jericho heads for the ring. He grabs Chuck and hits him in the stomach with the bat. He also gets one on Trent. Hager holds Jericho. Jericho with a bat on his head. Ortiz powerbombs Chuck.

Jericho grabs a bag of oranges, and Tony says it must be 20 pounds. Jéricho grabs Orange Cassidy, who is bleeding from the head. Jericho grabs the bag of Oranges and hits Cassidy over the head with them! Jericho hits Orange Cassidy on the carpet as he lays there, rare. Jericho gets ready, swings and Santana and Ortiz send Orange into the swinging Jericho.

Jericho: “Cassidy Blood Orange has just been extracted. ”

Tony is in the crowd and wants to ask Billy Gunn questions, but comes MJF who has had an unbeaten streak forever, has the ring and Jungle Boy gets a shot? Everyone knows he’s good at the microphone, how he gets the marks, there’s a cap. It is a great white shark, swimming in a sea of ​​minnows.

Billy Gunn says he’s a tall white man. MJF says he is surprised that he is not too busy trying to get one of his sons without talent in this business. Wardlow intervenes to stop all madness.

JR says there are rumors that Colt Cabana will be offered a place. We get Brodie Lee trying to recruit him last week, including the offer of a bottle of water.

Match 4: Sammy Guevarra vs. Colt Cabana

Sammy starts with a middle finger on his face. Colt has one for him. Sammy hits him with two! Colt side feeders, Sammy’s drop down, Sammy flips and Colt topples it. Hard blow to Sammy’s chest. Push and whip. Colt flies from the corner, double-edged. Colt with a hurricane, one arm sliding into an arm lock. He reworks the arm, bends his fingers back, and Sammy sends him outside. Sammy hits the strings and plunges them out. Sammy enters the ring and waits for the countdown. Sammy covers the incoming Colt for 1..NO! Sammy with a few boots in the back of Colt. He runs and hits the strings, sending them into Colt’s neck. Sammy holds the head, snapmarse Colt, strikes the strings several times too many, and strives, then locks a chin strap, only so that Colt rolls it forward and pins for 1..2..N! O !!! Sammy kicks, Colt grabs, Sammy swings and kicks in the head. Cover for 1… 2..N! O !!! Tie from behind. Colt is up but Sammy squeezes the plug again, working it from behind. Colt turns into a hold, he breaks it, puts Sammy on his knees in the chest, strikes the ropes, Sammy takes a firefighter. Sammy squats Colt! Colt tries to wrap it, but kicks his elbow to the top of the head! Sammy on the top rope! He jumps, runs and gets kicked! Colt dodges a right, strikes certain rights, turns! Sammy stops him. Colt hits a moonsault! Cover for 1..2… NO !!!! Colt sits Sammy on the ropes, crotch first.

Colt around the corner. He catches Sammy for the firefighter, but he slipped and Sammy can get the Torture Rock! GTS! Pin for 1… 2… 3 !!!

Winner: Sammy Gueverra
Sammy continues to have love, but they make it believable, because not once do I think his victories are incredible, especially because they give legitimate reasons why his opponents may not be in the good spirit.
Total evaluation: ** 1/2

The Order of Darkness has arrived! They watch Colt Cabana. Come on Lee. They come back through the tube, and Colt follows.

Sammy wants his music to be played. It is the best AEW. the best.

But here’s Matt Hardy! He asks that the music be cut. Sammy wants to know what the problem is.

Matt says he has no problem. Matt says he respects Sammy; he sees a young Matt Hardy at Sammy. Sammy always gets up after each blow. He respects that. Sammy is the future. He has some advice. To achieve maximum potential, Sammy must move away from Jericho. Trust him.

Sammy says this man tried to kill him twice.

Matt says he’s a great driver.

Sammy calls him a moron. Matt is stupid, stupid, broken.


Matt calls him Samuel and says that he must enter this ring because these events must be documented. Matt requests the deletion. Sammy is confused. It bounces.

Matt chomps.

We go to Janela’s house in a bar wondering why he went from Moxley in the face of a main event to discoloration in the dark.

He wonders if his best moments are behind him. Somewhere in the past six months or so, he has lost direction. He goes outside, and here is Sonny in a convertible to pick him up and go shopping.

Behind the scenes, Dasha tries to catch up with Colt. She does so and wonders if her losses have brought her to the door of the Order of Darkness. He hesitates to knock, does so, then enters Mr. Brodie Lee’s door.

Moxley just came in with a Stone Cold shirt. He says he is in a very bad mood because he has no patience and no time for people who stop their mouths without knowing what they are talking about. Taz has been talking all week, and if he tries to put himself under Moxley’s skin, it worked. It will pop Cage’s head like a button. Jon is a miserable son of a bitch. The fact that they think Cage can beat him pisses him off. Taz is one of the biggest talkers of all time, but in this case …

Here is Taz! He sits in his trailer and just hears Moxley’s twitter. He tells him to stand up because he goes out!

BEHIND CAGE ATTACKS! He’s wearing jeans and pretty shoes, so you know it’s real. He sends Moxley to a trash can then lifts him up and Jon pushes Brain into a red car. Moley sways with a pipe, but Cage is on the ground and Jon breaks a window. Cage sends Moxley into a fence then spinebuster on top of the red car !!! He drags Jon into the trunk, installs fo powerbom. Taz tells him to stop; they sent the message. The cage is not finished, the body slams Jon in the back window of the car.

Rhodes and Quen video package.

Match 5: TNT Championship Match
Cody Rhodes vs Marq Quen

Handshake to start. Strength test. Cody’s shoulders, Marq does the same. Cody pricks the leg and Quen falls to the right on the back. Cody with a right hand, Marq with above. They come and go. Hold your toe down and Cody works your arm from behind. Cody pulls Quen’s arm. Quen with a side headlock. Cordes and Cody push Quen, but Quen tackles a tackle on the shoulder. He rolsl Cody and hits a standing moonsault for 1… NO! Cody flatters, right hand, drop, uppercut. Hit the ropes, and Quen with a high dropkick! Cover for 1.NO! When he tries to get out of a grip, Cody trips him over and grabs his leg, slaps him on the mat. Cover for 1..NO! Quen favors the ankle. Cody works with his left hand then walks to the back of the leg. He goes for the surfboard, he falls on his buttocks, locks himself up. Dragon Sleeper.

We are going to take a break, but the match continues. Cody sends Quen outside after he releases the plug. He also leaves the ring, grabs his head and sends Quen to the apron. Quen returns the favor then heads for the ring. Cody kicks his ankle. He puts his foot on the strings then drops a leg on it. Another trampling on the ankle. Cody drops a leg on the apron. Cody enters the ring. He grabs Quen and pulls him into the ring, then whips Quen around the corner. Quen with an elbow. Kick Cody. Springboard but Quen can’t hack it! He tumbles from his ankle! Cody covers for 1… 2.N! O !! Cody attacks the back with a few right hands.

Quen rises, strikes over the head. Right hand to Cody, a bunch of rights and lefts in the corner, kick, and the referee holds him back. Cody kicked his leg, dropping Quen. Cody drops a knee on his own knee and then sends Quen to the top rope, the first back. Cody to the upper string. It locks behind, turns back and I don’t know who has whom. Quen favors the ankle after turning 32 times, and Cody favors the back. The two men get up. Quen with a 2nd string moonsault, whip at Cody, Cody slides under, Cody kick, Cody goes for a punch, but Quen hits a moonsault. Cover for 1..2..NO !!!!!! Cody with a suplex attempt, but Quen lands on his feet and turns him into DDT! Cover for 1… 2..N! O !!! Cody rolls out. Quen strike the strings and dive over Cody! He enters the ring again, struggling with his ankle and striking the strings. He goes back down, falling on Cody !!! He re-enters the ring, cannot quite escape and Cody is back! Anderson is on the apron screaming! Qun send Cody outside! He dives over with another dive on Cody! Quen drag him into the ring and cover for 1..2..NO !!!! When on the apron, injured, Arn is very close. It is heading up roep. Cody rolls out. Quen turns, still on the top rope, and dives with 450 splashes on Cody on the ramp !!! Quen pulls Cody into the ring and then takes off his jacket. He heads for the upper rope.

SHOOTING STAR PRESS! But Cody is moving! ANKLE LOCK IMMEDIATELY! He uses his boot to push on the ankle. Fuck!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
A solid deal that has given Quen the spotlight more than ever on Cody, and that’s what I guess this is designed to do. I liked it, even if the winner was not in question.
Total evaluation: *** 1/2

Jack Hager goes out to look at Cody, then pulls surprisingly towards Arn Anderson in the corner. Cody grabs him and Jake lifts Cody and slams him twice.

Kassidy, Hardy and Quen arrive and they all throw chairs at Hager, sending him outside.

Take out the rest of the inner circle, and they attack the faces in the ing! Have attacks Hardy, Quen jumps on his shoulders, everyone attacks everyone, and take out the referees!

Hardy continues to attack Sammy, hitting him with a Twist of Fate. The inner circle rolls outward while the heel is high.

End of the show

The 411: AEW continues to provide a quality show with minimal effort. Jericho did not exceed his reception in the comments, and his quarrel with Orange Cassidy, I am for. The main event was solid, although I no longer need Cody to take care of the Inner Circle, but a match with Hager sounds fun. The female division is relatively weak even after my fourth week of consistent viewing of AEW, but that’s nothing compared to what they did to Nia Jax in WWE. I feel like everything is important here, even if it is on different levels. Solid show this week.


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