A study raises concerns for pregnant women infected with the coronavirus


These proportions are low, noted Dr. Shah, and the difference of 10 times in the number of pregnant women and non pregnant in the analysis makes difficult the comparison of their risks.

In a separate analysis by Covid-Net of women hospitalized for the coronavirus, C. D. C. researchers have noted that “the risk of I. C. U. and the mechanical ventilation was lower in pregnant than in non-pregnant women. “Covid-Net analysis the data of all hospitalizations in the monitoring area of the network in 14 States.

Despite the ambiguities, some experts have said that the new data suggest at least that the pregnant women with the coronavirus, should be carefully monitored.

If many pregnant women have been hospitalized for labor and delivery, the proportion of women who were hospitalized only for infection with coronavirus and fell gravely ill – those who advance to the U. I. C. or the ventilation – would be even higher, said Dr. Denise Jamieson, head of the working group Covid-19 at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

“I think that the result is the following: these results suggest that, compared to non-pregnant women, pregnant women are more likely to have a Covid severe “, she said.

Pregnancy transforms the biology of the body, speed up the metabolism, blood flow, lung capacity and heart rate. It also suppresses the immune system of a woman to host the fetuses – a circumstance which may increase susceptibility to respiratory illnesses such as the flu.

Because of this increased risk, scientists have closely followed the pregnancy outcomes in various studies on the coronavirus. Up to now, few studies have shown a significant risk to pregnant women or their children. Infections in new-born babies were extremely rare.


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