A spin-off confronts its original story


Some of the highlights of Love, Victor are the scenes where Victor (Michael Cimino) is clearly mad with Love, SimonThe protagonist of.
Photo: Mitchell Haaseth / Hulu

Hulu’s New Teen Show Love, Victor looks like two shows at a time. The show is his own story, the story of a child named Victor (Michael Cimino) who moves to a new city, struggles to understand his gender identity and lives in intense anxiety about what will happen if he goes out with his conservative parents. Victor’s story is very sweet and engaging in itself; it’s a warm teenage love story that takes place as part of Victor’s self-discovery, and the show skillfully follows Victor and his friends and family as they face their own obstacles. But there is a simultaneous and convincing vein in the series which consists less in telling the story of Victor, and more in putting Victor in conversation with Simon (Nick Robinson), the main character of Love, VictorOffspring film Love, Simon. Only, Love, Victor is a good enjoyable TV show. Like the frankly resentful sequel to an equally enjoyable film, Love, Victor is something much more interesting.

All of the fallout is sort of in conversation or in tension with their parenting stories. The Conners is perhaps the most spectacular recent example, but adultThe policy of blackish, Law & Order: SVU is a deliberate and targeted response to the mechanisms of Law and order classic, and The jeffersons is a direct and pointed answer to All in the family. same The Bachelorette is an explicit refutation of The single person – a certain sense of response, of reclassification of priorities or of conflict is inherent in the very nature of the spinoffs. Young brothers and sisters are defined as the jump brothers and sisters, whether they like it or not. But younger siblings are growing up, and spin-off shows are usually more successful once they free themselves from any obligation they have towards the above. Watching a show that never shakes the shadow of its origin is rarely satisfying.


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