A reader of lips confirms the remark disapproving of the Queen at the wedding of Kate Middleton and William


The wedding of prince William with Kate Middleton will remain in the history, and millions of people watched the couple become the duke and duchess of Cambridge.The queen, prince Philip, prince William, and the rest of the royal family looked on proudly as the eldest son of Charles and Diana marry his beloved university.

The monarch flourished while Kate came back up the aisle and seemed happy and relaxed throughout the ceremony.

After you have completed and that the couple were officially husband and wife, she turned to her husband for him to share his thoughts.

A reader of lip has shared their gentle exchange, and this is very revealing of the special day.

Will and Kate with her father Michael on their wedding day

According to one expert, the queen said: “It was excellent,” reports CBS News.

Phil responded: “Yes? ”

But when they stood outside of the abbey, the queen said to him, one of the things that don’t interest her too much.

She said: “I wanted them to take the smaller car. ”

However, Camilla is entered into with a thought more positive, adding: “Everything went very well. “

It would not have been the choice of the queen

The family, Windsor and Middleton on the day of the wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton

The queen replied: “Very well. ”

The drive of the lips has also looked at images of Kate and William while they were doing their tour by horse and carriage to London, waving to supporters who had waited hours to see them.

Wills said: “I hope that I remember … this is crazy, This is crazy! Oh my God this is … really strong here (not clear) these people clap. ”

Kate then asks: “Is-what they have done? ”

Later, Wills turns to his wife and said to her: “You look happy. “

This was a very special day for the couple, as well as for their families and friends

Kate and William married on 29 April 2011.

The British have had an extra day’s leave to mark the occasion unforgettable, and those who have not visited in London have organised street parties and gathering around the tv to watch the historic moment.

After the official ceremony, the couple was joined by his family and friends for a meal at Buckingham palace followed by a reception in the evening – and it seems that this was a night to remember.

According to insiders, one of the highlights of the evening was the moment where the couple went on the dance floor to sing and dance on Grease’s You’re the One That I Want.

They pranced and sang their way through the classic John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to the delight of the guests who clapped and cheered the young couple radiant.

A guest to watery eyes – which left the party at 3: 15 in the morning – said: “The number of grease brought down the house.

“They stood hand in the middle of the dancefloor, smiling, and then all of a sudden the first measures of the song have exploded.

“The reaction has been brilliant. Everyone started to clap to the music.

“Wills and Kate began to dance around, pointing a finger and pronouncing the words. It was hilarious.

“When the song was finished, they ended up in the arms of one another with smiles massive on their faces.

“Everyone cheered wildly, screaming, and they walked in.

“After that, the dance floor filled and the party went well. It was a fabulous night. The kind of night that you will never forget. “


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