A poll shows Biden with 14 points ahead of Trump, its biggest advance of the year


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Joe Biden is leading the president Donald Trump from 50% to 36% in a new national poll Wednesday, the latest alarm bell for the president’s campaign as the economy, the coronavirus and the events of Black Lives Matter continues to weigh on his re-election.

The difference of 14 points in the poll New York Times / Siena College is the largest margin that has known Biden this year, and it shows that the democratic candidate presumed to carry out or advances among a wide range of demographic groups.

In the middle of the timing of a campaign shortened by the pandemic coronavirus, the former vice president is ahead by 22 points among women, but also of 3 percentage points for men. He is ahead or tied in all ages and ethnic groups, and he leads by 21 points among independent voters.

The only advantage reliable Trump comes from registered republicans, and the only demographic group that has given him an advantage in the battle field of industry in 2016: white voters not enrolled in school. He leads Biden among this cohort of 19 points.


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