A plane of pakistan crashed after the drivers have been distracted by the fears of coronavirus | world News


The pilots of a plane that crashed last month in Pakistan, killing 98 people, were worried by the crisis of the sars coronavirus and have attempted to land with the wheels of the plane still in place, according to the early official reports.The aircraft Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed into a residential area crowded on 22 may after the two engines failed as it approached the airport in Karachi for a second landing attempt, killing all on board except two, and a child on the ground.

The preliminary report describes the last minutes of chaotic flight, and a series of weird errors compounded by communication failures with the control of air traffic.

The investigators discovered that the aircraft was more than double the correct altitude when it approached the runway, and the tower advised the pilots to the tower for a descent more gradual, ” the report said.


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