A new study strengthens the link between the inflammatory syndrome in children and COVID-19


ALBANY, NY – A new study by the Department of health of the State of New York, published Monday, has confirmed that the syndrome multisystem inflammatory type Kawasaki in children was related to the transmission of widespread COVID-19, as well as new information that, according to the authorities, will help practitioners in the country to diagnose it in patients.”This historical study connects COVID-19 and MIS-C and will help health professionals across the country to diagnose this disease in their patients,” said the commissioner of the Department of health of the State of New York, Dr. Howard Zucker.

The study revealed that the peaks in case of PUT-C after the peak of confirmed cases of coronavirus pediatric of 31 days.

The study focused on 99 cases of confirmed or suspected MIS-C. On the 99 patients, all under the age of 21 years, 36 had pre-existing conditions. Two patients are deceased.

The pre-existing condition, the most common was obesity, according to the study.

Among the 78 patients for whom data related to race were available, 40% were black, 37% were white, 5% were asian, and 18% were classified as other by the State.

On the 99 patients, 85 were identified by their ethnic origin, 36% of them being hispanic.

The authors of the study suggested that the largest number of cases of black and hispanic children could be a reflection of “the high incidence of well-documented infection COVID-19 among the black communities and hispanic”.

The SET-C has been associated with cardiac malfunction, officials said.

The study was published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The department said that it had collaborated with the University of Albany School of Public Health and the CDC to complete the study.


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