A mobility scooter driver who was first in the queue when McDonald’s Drive Thru reopened said, “This is not a vehicle, we are not serving you”


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David Smith, of West Hill, Bridliington, learned that his mobility scooter did not count as a vehicle and therefore could not use the Drive Thru of the fast food restaurant.

Smith, 66, said, “They told me it was not a vehicle.

“There are lights, indicators, it is fully taxed and insured! “

Smith, who has served 23 years in the Royal Navy, has used the mobility scooter since he underwent knee surgery and was told that he could not drive a car for six months.

He usually goes twice a week to McDonald’s Bridlington branch on Bessingby Way, and wanted to come back after the Drive Thru reopened.

He reopened on Tuesday an hour early to be on the front line.

Another customer saw Mr. Smith refused and offered to buy his food as part of his order.

But when he got home, Mr. Smith was angry to discover on the McDonald’s website that – as he had thought – road-worthy mobility scooters are allowed to use McDonald’s Drive Thrus.

He returned to the restaurant but was turned back by a security guard who also turned him down when he tried to use the Drive Thru the next day.

“This is discrimination at its worst,” said Smith.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said, “We apologize to this customer for the delay in using our Drive Thru.

“For everyone’s safety, our catering team checked that mobility scooters were allowed in the Drive Thru lane and, due to its road nature, in this case it was.

“Unfortunately, during this short time, the client has left, but we hope to welcome him again in the near future. “


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