A minor small-scale finds the greatest gems of tanzanite’s history, with a value of $ 3.3 million | world News


A minor subsistence of tanzania has hit the jackpot after the government has handed over a cheque of 7,74 billion tanzanian shillings (3,35 million) for the two biggest precious stones of tanzanite ever found.The two gemstones blue-violet dark, each the size of a forearm were discovered by Saniniu Laizer in one of the mines of tanzanite in the north of the country which are surrounded by a wall to control cross-border smuggling of gemstones.

“There will be a great feast tomorrow,” said the BBC’s the small miner of the district of Simanjiro in Manyara.

“I want to build a shopping center and a school. I want to build this school near me. There are a lot of poor people here who do not have the means to take their children to the school. “

The two gemstones tanzanites are the largest ever found, according to the ministry of Mines. Photography: tanzanian Ministry of minerals / Reuters

“I am not educated but I like the way things are conducted in a professional manner. So I would like my children to lead the company in a professional manner. ”

The first precious stone weighed 9,27 kg, while the second weighed 5,103 kg, said a spokesman for the ministry of Mines.

The tanzanite is a precious stone found only in a small region in the north of the nation is african.

“The event today … is to recognize the two largest gemstones tanzanite of the story from the beginning of mining in Mirerani,” said Simon Msanjila, permanent secretary of the ministry of Mines, at a ceremony in the district of Simanjiro, in the region of Manyara, northern Tanzania.


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