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A consortium of studios, distributors and exhibitors combine to present to future filmmakers a whole irresistible film classics and recent successes to encourage them to return in theaters this summer.

The revival of the trade on the websites of the United Kingdom is a priority for the Film Distributors ’Association (FDA), which has established the list after negotiations with the studios and rights holders, exhibition. The franchises classic occupy a place of choice, alongside the success of art and test and output that is more recent that the movie shoots were reduced or disrupted by the sars coronavirus.

The films of this last category, which will open immediately after the closure of the cinemas on 20 march, which include Trolls: World Tour, in which the digital output has been a huge success for distributor Universal, and has led to a dispute between the studio and the chain multiplexes. AMC Theatres (which owns Odeon) and Cineworld.

Military Wives, Misbehavior and Calm With Horses are among the titles released just before the lockout, and that could now benefit from a longer stroke; in the same way Sonic the Hedgehog, Onward, Bloodshot and Emma.

The popular series to have a second life, which include the Harry Potter movies, Hunger Games and Twilight, as well as the trilogies Back to the Future, Dark Knight and the Matrix.

Recent winners of the Oscars, as a Parasite, 1917, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will also earn.

The full list, entitled Revive the cinema: the content for the recovery – has been sent to operators on the 19th of June so that they decide which titles in the collection they would like to choose; the exact details of the agreement would be decided between the companies. We do not think that the studios and exhibitors will allow the exhibitors to recover all of the profits, as was the case in a similar initiative in China.

The collection is organized in themes, including “Best of British”, “All-Time Classics”, “BAME Voices”, “LGBTIQ + Cinema” and “Women in Film”.

The CEO of the FDA, Andy Leyshon, told Screen International that he hoped that they would act both as an incentive and a decline. “These films are for cinemas that are open to help people regain their operational speed and can be dipped when they are in need of a movie during a quiet period. The hope is that this will help to revive the enthusiasm of the audience to the cinema.

The blockbuster science-fiction de Christopher Nolan, Tenet will no longer be the first major new release to test the waters in movie theaters british, after that the studio Warner Bros has pushed back its release a fortnight, until 31 July. A week before that, Mulan, the remake live of Disney, will be released 20 days after that cinemas View will be re-opened their doors on the 4th of July.

Cineworld, Showcase and Odeon are all working to a resumption of the projections 10 July. Cineworld, which owns the chain Picturehouse has published some guidelines on hygiene and safety which will be taken in its rooms, including staggered hours, seats are limited, and cleaning the in-depth stations, and disinfection.

Their site indicates that stalls concession selling food and drinks will re-open, suggesting that the port mask to the client will not be on the menu.


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