A half-brother of a man found hanged in California dies in a shooting incident involving a deputy


“This afternoon, I had to inform the sisters of Robert Fuller as their half-brother’s Jammal Boone was killed by the deputies of the sheriff of the county of Los Angeles, in the county of Kern,” said Jamon Hicks in a press release.

The ministry of Justice and the FBI are reviewing the death of Fuller, which was originally described as a ” suicide suspected “, as well as the death pending of Malcolm Harsch 10 days earlier and about 80 km from here, in the county of San Bernardino.

At 16 h 39 Wednesday, detectives of the sheriff’s department of Los Angeles county (LASD) have responded to help the deputies to fire at a member of Rosamond, county of Kern, said the LASD in a press release.

An official from the information ministry has not been able to provide details on the incident.

“For the time being, until we receive all the information, the family and his legal team have more comments on this incident. The family respectfully requests that their privacy be respected, ” said Hicks.Multiple independent investigations immediately begin on-site each time that the deputies of the sheriff of the county of Los Angeles are involved in a shooting, said the LASD in a press release.

CNN contacted the office of the sheriff of the county of Kern for more details.

Two black men found hanging

The staff of the fire brigade responded to the scene of the death of Fuller early on 10 June, said the sheriff’s department in the county of Los Angeles in a press release.

Although the death of Fuller is compatible with suicide, officials “felt it was prudent to go back and continue to look more deeply,” said dr Jonathan Lucas, coroner, medical examiner, county of Los Angeles.

Nothing that the string, the contents of the pockets Fuller, and a backpack that he was wearing were found at the scene, according to the captain of homicide in Los Angeles county, Kent Wegener.

The investigators are doing research on the medical history of Fuller, in search of the witness who reported the hanging and the research of contacts in Arizona and Nevada. They will also analyze the mobile phone of Fuller, and are looking for a surveillance video of the area.

An autopsy was conducted last Friday, but the family of Fuller, announced on Tuesday that it was seeking an independent investigation and an autopsy to determine the cause of her death.

In the second incident, dispatchers of Victorville received a call on the morning of may 31, a woman saying that her boyfriend, Joseph, had hanged himself, according to a press release from the sheriff’s department of the county of San Bernardino. According to the press release, Joseph has been found in a camp of homeless people.

Investigators have found no evidence of a criminal act. An autopsy was conducted on 12 June and there was still no sign of foul play, said the press release. The medical examiner is awaiting the results of toxicology before assigning the cause and manner of death.


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