“A dream become a reality-” Lamar Jackson reveals the first look of Madden 21


The mvp of the regular season of the NFL, Lamar Jackson, has graced the cover of the video game Madden. The quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, 23-year-old has set fire to the league last season with 43 touchdowns on the ground. As a result, it has become the second player to claim the MVP awards unanimously. Now, he has given fans a glimpse of the cover of the latest edition of the game.

Lamar Jackson gives fans a preview of the cover of Madden 21

In a tweet, Jackson wrote: “In the south of Florida to the cover of Madden 21. A dream become a reality. “

He also shared three images of the covers. Here, an image shows Jackson in a monotone with his helmet at the end of the room. In the bottom right in Tony leaving it in writing, “Not bad for a rusher. “ It is a search for all the teams that wanted to draft a prospect in Kentucky as a rusher instead of a quarterback as he wished.

The second image is of the Deluxe Edition. Here, in a collage, the quarterback is seen throwing the football with his own hand, giving a intense look and, apparently, on one of his dashes glittering across the ground as he jumps into the air.

The final image is yet another collage with the central image representing the athlete of coverage that is preparing to launch the football field. Three other images show smiling and celebrating and with a stand chock-full, we see the words “Rising generation. “

The game is dominated by a new generation of stars to the NFL. Jackson is the second quarterback for the second year in a row to claim the title of mvp of the regular season.

Earlier, quarterback Patrick Mahomes has claimed the honor, and has apparently put an end to the curse of Madden while leading the Chiefs to the glory of the Super Bowl. By featuring on the cover of the video game, he has joined the likes of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Odell Beckham Jr.

In such a business elite, it is surely a dream come true for the young who said “Blessed is an understatement. “

Lamar Jackson, can he avoid the curse dreaded Madden and have a cracker, absolute of the season 2020?

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