A comment on the fans of the Jets stunned on Instagram has attracted the ire of Jamal Adams


Jonathan Abrahams wants to put the record straight in time for all these critical loans to deprive it of its right to be a fan of the Jets.He thinks that the Jets should re-sign Jamal Adams. He thinks that Adams deserves to be the security the highest paid of the NFL. Once, he posed for pictures with his mother, his nephew, and Adams while they were beautiful conversations during a charity event.

And now Abrahams is cheated as a fan of the Jets, which prompted the biggest star of the team to seek a trade after his comment on Instagram that has prompted Adams to express his frustrations about his contract, followed hours later by an exchange request official.

“Who would have even expected a response? “Abrahams told the Post. “I saw this small red dot to answer me and I clicked on it and all of a sudden, I said to myself:” Is this really Jamal Adams? It is he who answers me? “I was in shock. ”

Abrahams is the man through the unlikely – a New York-47-year-old who is a fan since his mother brought him to a practice to meet Richard Todd and other Jets in the 1970s – in a quarrel that began in October when a Adams insulted has been mentioned in trade negotiations.

Jamal Adams
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Adams has been on a crusade to the public for an extension and an increase in the off-season, and seemed destined to resist and ask for a replacement sooner or later.

“I’ve been a fan of the Jets my whole life and I’ve never had as much control over the organization, which has ironisé Abrahams. “This is crazy. ”

It jokes.

It all started with this message Abrahams: “Love your game Jamal and you’re a great guy. And yes, you deserved certainly to be paid this year or next year. But Pat Mahomes is all that I need [say]. MVP of the Super Bowl and the same year as you. The fans and the team love you. Don’t be that guy. Good luck this season. Go Jets! ”

The words lit a powder keg. Insulted to be “this type”, Adams has completed his response: “maybe it is time to move on to something else.”

“I’m not just a guy” me “, ” said Abrahams. “It’s just my thing. There is always a way to manage things in-house. I mentioned Mahomes, which means that you are talking about the MVP of the NFL and the MVP of the Super Bowl and I don’t hear complaining about the Chiefs Kansas City or say publicly in the media that he has not yet received a contract. ”

Abrahams saw Adams called a whiner (and worse) by the fans of the Jets, so he does not know why his words were wrong. They exchanged a few other messages before that Adams will block the account of Abrahams and removes his other beards personal.

The reaction of the fans of the Jets has been shared between the rationals and those ready to blame Abrahams for having chased Adams from the city. Even Abraham’s nephew, 20-year-old, is angry, but it takes the attention unexpected in stride.

“I say to anyone who complains, first of all, if I make a comment like that to Jamal Adams, it is the reason why he wants to be traded, this is ridiculous. If someone thinks that it is in fact the reason, he had serious problems, ” explained Abrahams.

“It will go off in a second. He can ask for an exchange, get out of here, never to wear green and burn his business – and I don’t think he cares really, to be honest with you. I have spent my entire life in search of the Jets and I loved so many of the players with them. I can not be exchanged the next day. “


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