A Calgary company pulls the gelato Black Lives Matter in the face of criticism


A company of gelato in Calgary apologizes for a recent campaign, taking a quick gelato black lives matter on the theme of its website and its channel of social media only a few hours after its launch.Righteous Gelato, formerly known under the name Fiasco Gelato, made its debut a gelato mint chocolate online on Friday, wrote that $ 5 from each pot of $ 12 sold would be ” to support efforts to combat systemic racism and to defend the communities, racialized and marginalized. “

But the campaign has quickly been greeted by reactions online, with some accusing the company to take advantage of the movement Black Lives Matter, all the more that the organization chosen to be a recipient of benefits is not affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

The special edition gelato chocolate presents an illustration of three Black, wearing masks, adorned with the words george Floyd gasped before his death at the hands of police – “I can’t breathe” and holding signs Black Lives Matter.

Janelle Cooper, a Calgary artist who is also the former head of a company of black theatre called Ellipsis Tree Collective, said that she felt pain when she saw the picture.

“e think it sends a really terrible image. It sends a message that this is the right way to do it – that is, using the questions black, the struggles of black life of Black people, the pain black, the black death, as a commodity, ” said Cooper. “‘is to capitalize on our pain, out of our lives. “

Janelle Cooper, a Calgary artist who is also the former head of a company of black theatre called Ellipsis Tree Collective, said that companies such as Righteous Gelato had to involve black voices when they were considering campaigns related to the movement. (Janelle Cooper)

In a statement provided to CBC News, the CEO of Righteous Gelato James Boettcher, said that ” our intention to do what it took, we did the wrong thing.

“Yesterday, Glauco has launched a gelato Black Lives Matter with the intention to stand in solidarity and make a donation of more than 100 percent of our profits in the process, organizations that support inclusion and diversity,” said Boettcher.

“During our intentions, we have really failed, and we are sincerely sorry. ”

Cheryl Foggo, a writer in alberta who has written on the experience of Blacks in the province for decades, said that she thought that the image was a parody when she saw it for the first time.

“The black communities and Black people is deeply traumatized by the brutality and racism. And when we need to try to treat the killings like what happened to George Floyd, it sends us into a spiral of grief and it is deeply traumatic, ” said Foggo. “Hence, it is not useful to have people who are trying to take advantage of this pain.

“What would have been better for them to do is to reach out to some people in the black community and ask them how they could help. “

Others have criticised the fact that an artist white, Mandy Stobo, has been selected to produce the art for the gelato. Stobo said that the response to the product was an ” alarm signal “.

“the ones who have called me to this: You’re absolutely right, and I thank you. I admit that I would have had to deny their request and encourage them to offer an opportunity for pay to be an artist of the BIPOC, “said Stobo in a press release.” erci to educate me, even if it is not your work.

“e hear you, and will do better. I hope that you will accept my sincere expression as a sign of my intention to help and do good.

Dooshima Jev with the united Movement of the ally of the Black has stated that the campaign of Righteous Gelato was disappointing, but we hope to be able to represent a case study in the advertising and marketing in the middle of the larger movement.

“It was a great learning experience. This experience, honestly, should enter into the history of the marketing of this movement, “said Jev.” ecause this is exactly what we are talking about. This is not only a fight for Black people. It is a fight for human life.

Righteous Gelato said it would donate 100 percent of its profits from its online store for the entire month of June to organizations with a focus on the lives of Black people, pledging to work with leaders of the black community in the future.


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