“A Big Question” – What Each Manager of the “Six Rebels” in League One Said About the Coventry City Promotion Vote


Coventry City has only a few days left to discover the future of its League One campaign.The Sky Blues are at the top of Ligue 1 as football takes an unprecedented break from action during the coronavirus crisis and, on Tuesday, will join 70 of their EFL friends and enemies to vote on the future or the season.

When the end of the season first appeared, EFL saw six clubs – Peterborough United, Sunderland, Oxford United, Portsmouth, Fleetwood Town and Ipswich – come together to try to win the support of their league rivals 1.

But as the date for voting draws closer – and with the passing of time – the number of clubs in favor of playing the last matches decreases.

Here is how the managers of these six clubs will now end the season…

Oxford united

Oxford manager Karl Robinson watches during the FA Cup fourth round match between Newcastle United and Oxford United

Oxford United saw the championship team Brentford take on the services of two of its most promising players in January, a move that seemed destined to ruin their quest for promotion this quarter.

However, in the last few weeks before the season ends, the U have moved the table.

They’ll end up inside the playoffs this season if the final table is determined using points per game – but boss Karl Robinson wants the game to continue.

“I think it’s important that the fans know what our decision will be,” he said on the club’s website.

“I’ve heard so many rumors in the last 48 hours, seven days 14 days, well here are the rumors clarified – Oxford United wants to play.

“If it is safe, the Thames Valley police support it, the government authorizes, if the EFL wants it and other teams want it, then the vote of Oxford United will be to continue the season on a safe date for everyone, knowing that if it happens on a certain date, we can’t spoil two seasons.

“We also mentioned that if people don’t want to play, we respect whatever their motivations – but we prefer to play a lot, it’s that simple. “


Portsmouth boss Kenny Jackett.
Portsmouth boss Kenny Jackett.

Portsmouth looks set to fight its rivals in the play-offs if the season ends in points per game – a finish they may well be happy with.

Boss Kenny Jacket has kept his lips tight that he wanted to finish the season recently, but CEO Mark Catlin admits they are running out of time.

He said, “You can keep the players until June 30 – but then there is a month of layoff.

“We have always worked on the assumption that with the good will of the players, they will continue for this month because they cannot sign for another club.

“Asking them to stay for a month is one thing, asking them to enter into a new agreement beyond July 31 for a limited time when they are at risk of injury is completely different. ”

He added, “This is a big request. “


Sunderland Director, Phil Parkinson
Sunderland Director, Phil Parkinson

Sunderland was one of the most vocal clubs in the division during this lockout period, and it is not surprising that the club ended up outside the playoffs with points per game.

Members of their board have stepped in to give their opinion on how the season should end – but they remain convinced that the last game should be played.

Black Cats boss Phil Parkinson said last week, “There is obviously going to be a split in Ligue 1 because everyone is going to vote for what they want for their club, and you can probably guess how the vote will take place.

“From Sunderland’s point of view, we would like to play the season, but obviously the teams in the middle of the division don’t want to continue, and you can understand that.

“So if it is not possible to finish the full series of matches, another solution would be an extended play-off scenario, a mini-tournament to determine the locations of the play-offs. “

Fleetwood Town

Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton during the Sky Bet League One match against Doncaster Rovers at Highbury Stadium

Fleetwood Town boss Joey Barton still wants to see the season ended, but he has a lot of sympathy and understanding for the parties who want it to stop when he gave his opinion on the matter.

“I would rather finish the campaign, we have talked about it very clearly from the start,” said Barton.

“I’m sorry for Sunderland – I never thought I would say it – but I’m sorry for them.

“I feel a little wronged for Gillingham, Doncaster and even Ipswich, probably because they all would have had a legitimate shot at a barrage.

“Peterborough, who is a very good team, it looks like if they make a point system they will miss [along with Sunderland] and Wycombe will work with Oxford, Portsmouth and ourselves. ”

He added: “It is not fair to many parties but on the other hand, it is a global pandemic and we have to solve it one way or another for the sanctity of competition. “

Peterborough united

Darren Ferguson of Peterborough United (left) gestures on the sideline

Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson has remained silent on how the season should end, but there is no doubt that he will stand alongside club owner Darragh MacAnthony and football director Barry Fry who does everything necessary for him.

But despite their lobbying for the season to continue and their threats of “epic legal battles”, Fry is no longer convinced that his team’s hopes of staying in the fight for promotion will come true.

He said: “We were thrilled because Tranmere’s proposal seemed very fair to many clubs who were looking for promotion and were trying to avoid relegation. It also didn’t affect clubs that want to close.

“But Bob and I rang in the clubs and the support is not there. There are 16/17 clubs that say they will not vote. ”

“There is no incentive for teams to play a four-team game rather than an eight-team game and the bottom teams are not interested either.

“Tranmere’s proposal includes a Ligue 1 of 25 teams next season, which means that the solidarity money would be reduced because it would be divided in 25 ways instead of 24 and the clubs believe that they cannot get it allow. The clubs also claim they should pay £ 90,000 to help finance the rest of the season and they don’t want to do it.

“It is a great shame, but at least we have tried. Indeed, the passion and commitment that our President has shown throughout this period is second to none. I feel for him, his co-owners, the manager and the players, and the fans. The whole process may have gone on too long.

“I’m not sure that all the clubs have studied the details of the proposal. They will always act in their own interest. “

Ipswich Town

Paul Lambert, Manager of Ipswich Town watches before the Sky Bet League 1 match between AFC Wimbledon and Ipswich Town at Cherry Red Records Stadium on February 11, 2020 in Kingston upon Thames, England. (Photo by James Chance / Getty Images)
Paul Lambert, Manager of Ipswich Town watches before the Sky Bet Ligue 1 match between AFC Wimbledon and Ipswich Town at Cherry Red Records Stadium on February 11, 2020 in Kingston upon Thames, England. (Photo by James Chance / Getty Images)

It has always been difficult for Ipswich Town to try to make its way into the promotion fold.

The Tractor Boys are tenth, ten points behind Rotherham United, but despite their intention to make sure the season is over on the field, boss Paul Lambert admitted last week that he was losing hope.

“I think they will win points per game, it’s my gut,” Lambert told Sky Sports News.

“I hope I’m wrong, I would love to play the season but I don’t know the cut-off point and the end of the delay.

“I’m not a fan of points per game at all, I don’t think it’s a good way, but if it happens like that, you have to accept it. “


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