A 9-year-old skater performed a tap routine on top of the Black to the Life of the Material wall in DC


Nine-year-old Kaitlyn Saunders pays tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement with her routine, which she says has been inspired by the many injustices that blacks face in the united States.

“I want to replace the negative messages that people have in their minds, with positive results,” Kaitlyn told CNN. “I feel free and powerful when I’m on the ice. As I can fly and nobody can stop me. I wish everyone could feel like that. ”

The young skater is used to performing on the ice. But because of coronavirus restrictions that have closed the ice rink, she quickly learned to take his talents to the streets on roller skates.

On June 8, Kaitlyn arrived in the Black Lives Matter Plaza at 5:30 in the morning, a few minutes before sunrise, to perform his routine. With the help of her parents, she has recorded the performance and shared it on Instagram and Facebook.

In a bright white and yellow outfit, Kaitlyn hung freely to his favorite song, “Rise up” by Andra of the Day, while skating on the top of the painting.The massif of the banner-as the mural spans two blocks from the 16th Street, a central axis which leads to the south up to the White House. Each of the 16 bold yellow letters spans the width of the road to two lanes of the street, creating an unmistakable visual easily spotted by overhead cameras and virtually anyone within a few blocks of houses.

Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered the painting on the wall, and officially considered article 16 of the Street of capital of the work of art “Black Lives Matter” Plaza, ” with a new street sign.

“My daughter has been looking at the neighbours, friends and people she’s never met in the world of stand-up to the inequality and injustice and say,” You’re important and that we care about,’ ” Katrice Saunders, Kaitlyn’s mom, told CNN. “I want it not only shows that the movement to grow and grow, but I want it to be an active contributor and force for change. ”

This is Kaitlyn fifth tribute to the performance. In January, Kaitlyn skated to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin as a tribute to diversify the sport of figure skating.

In February, she has played both “Freedom” by Beyoncé and “Freedom” by Pharrell Williams for Black History Month. In April, Kaitlyn has created a skate routine to “Smile” by Lady Gaga as a tribute to front line workers during the pandemic.

By means of skating, Kaitlyn hope to spread joy and raise awareness of the issues of justice and inequality — a routine at the time.


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