’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Continue to blame the actors Geoffrey and Mary of Faking the history love triangle throughout the world, with Varya


90 Day fiance: Before the 90 days the fans are convinced that a certain infringement is running. In season 4 of the popular reality tv series, Geoffrey Paschel found himself in the middle of a love triangle with his girlfriend foreign, Varya Malina, and his girlfriend, Mary. While Geoffrey has been forced to choose between the two, the fans believe that he and Mary faked the whole story to create a drama on the show.

Geoffrey and Varya in ’90 Day Fiance’ | Instagram @varya.malina

Fans point to these inconsistencies in the story of Geoffrey and Mary

From the beginning, 90 Days fiance viewers have pointed out a few inconsistencies important in the romance of Geoffrey with Varya and Mary. For a start, there are stories conflicting on how much Geoffrey and Varya talked about it after his trip.

Geoffrey said that he stopped to talk to Varya quite after
she rejected his proposal in Russia. Varya, however, says that they have kept
texting each other. She even revealed that she asked Geoffrey if he would come
back in Russia, and bring the film crew with him.

90 Day fiance: Before the 90 days fans were left confused on which story to believe. And this is not the only thing that is wrong in the scenario of Geoffrey this season.

The series also makes it look like Varya thrown out of the United
shortly after geoffrey had left Russia. In reality, several months have passed
between visits, such as Varya had to wait to get his travel visa worked.

It would have been a lot of time for Geoffrey and Mary plan their story, love triangle, especially if he knew Varya thought to see.

’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ fans learn that Geoffrey is an actor

To cast more doubts on the situation, Geoffrey and Mary both have worked in the action. They have not done anything major to Hollywood, but they appeared on a few tv shows over the years.

As 90 Days fiance a fan pointed out on Reddit,
The CV of actor Geoffrey is filled with cameos on television. This includes a
appearance on the Hunter homicide and a role in an issue of crime on investigation

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If Geoffrey and Mary wanted to remove a scene faked, they certainly have the chops acting to make it real – at least real enough for reality tv.

To make things worse, this is not the first time 90 Day fiance: Before the 90 days has cast former actors to appear on the series. This has led to much speculation that the franchise simulates romances all the time, although TLC has never acknowledged the rumors.

Geoffrey and Mary have simulated all the love triangle of the groom 90 days ?

We can’t confirm that Geoffrey and Mary have set the stage for the love triangle
to make his story more interesting, but the evidence certainly indicates that

Many 90 Days fiance the fans are convinced that the surprise visit of Varya in the home of Geoffrey was not a surprise at all, especially given the way the cameras for TLC were on hand to capture the drama unfold. And what are the chances that Geoffrey and Mary rekindle their romance on the eve of the decision of Varya ?

In regards to the real scene will fans have pointed out how Varya
behavior was a little out of character. At a given time in the course of his dispute with
Mary, Varya called it a ” bit** instead of swear to it in

Varya has often struggled with his English, and the viewers thought that
could have been something that the producers have urged to say in the heat of the

Mary she abandoned Geoffrey ?

While 90 Days fiance fans continue to speculate on the validity of the love triangle of Geoffrey, Varya is currently back at home in Russia. She would be waiting on his application for K1 visa, which will allow him to return to the United States and be with Geoffrey.

Geoffrey and Mary, on the other hand, are always hanging out with each
Other. The two have recently published photos separated themselves on the same beach,
leading to some speculation that they hang out now that Varya is out of

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Unfortunately, Geoffrey and Varya have not taken part in the 90 Day fiance: Before the 90 days tell-all due to accusations of domestic violence that are currently pending against him.


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