62-year-old man dead after police involved shooting in Mississauga, SIU investigating


The province’s police watchdog’s investigation of police involved shooting in Malton on Saturday evening that left a 62 year-old man dead. Police were called to a house in the area of Goreway and Morning Star drives, after 5 p.m. for a person in a crisis situation.

Speaking to reporters at the scene, Const. Sarah Patten said the man was suffering from a medical condition and has not been taking his medication.

Patten noted that the police believe that the man had access to weapons inside the home at the time. She said that their tactical and canine units responded to the incident.

“The Communication has been made with the man. However, he barricaded himself inside his residence, ” Patten said. “We have continued communication for a period of time. ”

She noted the man stopped all communications with police just before 8 a.m.

“As a result of information received on the vast medical history, the man had as well as the man refuse to talk to the police more, the decision was taken at the entrance of the residence to check on his well-being,” Patten said.

“We believe that he was a danger to himself,” she said.

When the police entered the home, Patten said interaction occurred between the officers and the staff of the man and shots were fired by the police.

Despite rescue efforts by paramedics, she said that the man was declared dead at the scene.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has been called to probe the shooting.

When asked about what kind of weapons the man had, Patten said she could not give details because the province’s police watchdog is now investigating it.

“We hope that with the completion of the SIU investigation and our investigation… many of the questions can be answered at the time. ”

The SIU is an arm’s length agency called in to investigate an incident involving police and a member of the public which results in death, serious injury, or allegation of sexual assault.


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