49ers reward coach Kyle Shanahan with a new agreement of 6 years, according to sources


San Francisco award head coach Kyle Shanahan with a new six-year contract that replaces the three years that he remained for him, and binds it to the 49ers throughout the season 2025, said sources at ESPN.The new contract because of Shanahan, one of the five head coaches the best paid in the NFL. But what made this deal unique is that it was not a prolonged negotiation between the owner of the 49ers, Jed York, and Shanahan, and the two men sat down and quickly understood what each meant to the other, committing to their second six-year contract in a little over three years. Shanahan has signed his first contract of six years with the 49ers in February 2017. This new agreement is six years, recently concluded, replaces that one.

Shanahan has helped to remake the franchise, leading to a championship NFC last season. It is considered one of the best players in the league and one of the finest minds in offensive game.

Shanahan has also helped to train one of the coaches the most progressive and the most diverse in the league. On the 23 assistant coaches of the 49ers, 11 of them are coaches of color, or women. Among them, the assistant head coach Jon Embree, who is black, and the coordinator defensive Robert Saleh, who would be the first coordinator, arab-american in the league when San Francisco hired him in 2017.

Shanahan spoke openly and passionately of the race at the beginning of the month, saying that it was embarrassing for the NFL to have no more than three coaches at black head and two directors-general black.

Shanahan, 40, is a former coordinator offensive of the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons.


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