23 Clemson positive coronavirus test football players


This month, 315 Clemson student-athletes and staff were tested for Covid-19 and 28 of those tests returned positive, the athletics ministry confirmed in a statement on Friday.

Of the 23 soccer players, the two were from the first round of testing last week, a Clemson spokesperson told CNN.

“Clemson has notified and isolated each of these people who tested positive for at least 10 days,” the statement said. The close contacts of the people requested self-quarantine for at least 14 days.

“Most of the cases were asymptomatic, and none required hospitalization,” the statement said. “As a community, transmission continues throughout the area, it is advised that people watch for symptoms. “

The University of Tennessee reported Friday that a student-athlete tested positive for Covid-19 following several members of the the men and women of the basketball teams were tested. The university’s sports medicine staff has “activated contact isolation and tracking protocol collaboration with the Knox County Department of Health,” said a spokesperson for the athletics department.

NHL has 11 positive cases

College football is not the only sport to experience positive coronavirus tests.

Eleven NHL players have also tested positive for the virus, since the opening of NHL clubs on June 8, the league confirmed in a statement.

Over 200 players who have volunteered for training have been tested for the virus so far.

“All of the players who tested positive have been withdrawn and are following the CDC and Health in Canada protocols,” the statement said. “The NHL will provide a weekly update on the number of tests administered to Players and the results of these tests. ”

The NHL said it would not name players who tested positive.

The Houston Astros had a positive test player for Covid-19 at its plant in West Palm Beach, Florida, the team said in a statement on Friday.

There are at least three MLB teams that have stopped their spring training from the coronavirus.

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Giants told CNN that the Giants closed their facilities in Arizona on Friday after someone who had been at the facility and a family member exposed the symptoms on Thursday. They, along with others, who have been to the facility have been tested, the spokesman said, and the team is awaiting results.

Earlier on Friday, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays announced their teams were closing their facilities in Florida.

The Phillies has announced that the team is closing its facilities at Clearwater indefinitely after eight positive Covid-19 tests. Five players and three staff members tested positive for the virus, the team said.

The Toronto Blue Jays said in a statement on Friday that they closed the facility’s spring training club in Dunedin, Florida after a player experienced symptoms associated with Covid-19. The Toronto Blue Jays told CNN that the team is still waiting for the player to check on the results.

CNN Jacob Lev contributed to this report.


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