“You’re Glad To Be An Afterthought” – Charlotte Flair Shoots Former WWE Champion


WWE superstar and NXT female champion Charlotte Flair appeared on SmackDown as part of brand-to-brand promotion between RAW, SmackDown and NXT. Her return met resistance from Sasha Banks and Bayley, who immediately interrupted her during her promotion.

“The Queen” Charlotte Flair returns to SmackDown

Charlotte entered the ring and explained why she was there in the first place. “The world wants more from Charlotte Flair”, said the Superstar when Bayley and Sasha Banks, female SmackDown champion, interviewed her.

“Get out of our ring!” “ Bayley said, insinuating that Flair was just a stranger and that she should stay in NXT and “To be a model for young talents”.

When Bayley let Flair know that she had beaten her twice before, “The Queen” responded by saying: “The first time you beat me, I was oblivious, and the second time you took a complete makeover, and a bad one, I mean, a new haircut to do the job. ”

The two had a long-standing feud, which wasn’t put on the shelf until Flair went to the NXT.

Mind games with Banks?

Queen The Queen ’tried to sow discord between Sasha Banks and Bayley, former tag team partners.

“Oyou’re a six-time female champion, a future Hall of Fame member, the boss, the blueprint, and you tell me you’re happy in Bayley’s corner, you’re happy to be an afterthought ? Said Flair, clearly trying to dig a ditch between Banks and Bayley.

Flair and Banks have been in constant rivalry since the start of 2019. Banks has the second longest reign in the Women’s Championship, beaten only by Becky Lynch.

Bayley, enraged by Flair trying to turn his friend Sasha against her, immediately challenged the Queen for a match.

“Fox would love to see me again on his show, so challenge accepted”, Flair responded, cementing their match in the coming week. It could also mean that Charlotte is back in action, fighting for the best RAW and SmackDown titles.

WWE wasted no time in bringing in a new artist to become the new face of the organization. While there is a lot of talent in WWE, none match Charlotte Flair better.

Last year, Sasha Banks and Charlotte clash in the ring


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