“You will see a better version” – Analyst thinks Philip Rivers will return


Philip Rivers did not have the season last year. He threw 20 interceptions and lost three fumbles to the disappointing performance of the Los Angeles Chargers. But as bad as Rivers’ numbers seem at first glance, they could have been worse.

New team, new hope

Leaving for the Indianapolis Colts, Philip hopes to start from scratch and bounce back. Analyst and former scout Daniel Jeremiah said Rivers was just too frustrated in his last season with the Chargers. ” They played very well at first, and they hung out in some games and he was just too aggressiveSaid Jeremiah. Turnover was piling up for the new quarter of the Colts.

Many believe, however, that there is much hope for Rivers this season. ” I think you will see a better version. There is a new scene for him… but there is familiarity ”, Added Daniel. We can already hear him taking control of the virtual matches with the team’s offense. ” Management has already moved to the fore there, with Philip Rivers“.

Starting in September, we may have to get used to seeing the fivefold professional bowling player we saw before 2019. Former cornerback, Bucky Brooks thinks Philip is in better shape with the Colts and expects to it bounces. ” We’re talking about a team that can handle the ball better… they gave them weaponsSaid Brooks.

Is Quarterback really a good fit?

The Colts who signed Rivers are likely a result of his time spent with head coach Frank Reich. The two were together at the 2013-15 Chargers, and Reich makes this sound better than it really was. ” I really think that he is the same player as five years ago physically and that he takes good care of his body“Said Frank. Rivers, however, instead of playing smart, made too many mistakes in the last year and that’s what’s really concerning.

While Reich may think that Rivers will go like a glove to the Colts, his new teammates may not think so. Philip will be the fifth quarterback with whom the Ryan Kelly Center has operated since 2016. This means learning new styles and styles again.

Only time will tell if the 38-year-old is able to relive his old form. Maybe Rivers will receive another NFL Best Player of the Year award next year.


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