“You bought a new life at The DeadMan” – Vince McMahon gives his verdict on the last round


WWE President Vince McMahon is a hard man to please. However, it appears that the WWE Network team impressed him with the “Last Ride”. Vince went on Twitter to praise the feature, stating, “You brought the dead man back to life. “ Vince especially congratulated the main documentary crew, including Dan Pucherelli, Matthew Braine, Steve Conoscenti and Brian D.

The Undertaker, which debuted in 1990, is one of the best gadgets created by Vince. The story of Phenom’s WrestleMania is an example. It took Vince more than 20 years to realize this, and in a company where scripts are removed every month, this level of engagement is rare. Although the president ended this story 6 years ago, he still uses the Deadman for important shows like the Saudi ones. The Deadman is also highlighted in relation to young talents like Roman Reigns.

It is also one of the few cases where Vince allowed Kayfabe to be broken. The Undertaker character has been specially protected for 25 years in WWE history. So for Vince to allow this documentary to praise, this is a big problem. The 74-year-old seems to have become less strict about Kayfabe in the digital world.

The “Last Ride” is a documentary of five episodes. It covers the last 3 years of the Undertaker’s journey, including all aspects of the Deadman. From behind-the-scenes production to his anxiety and doubt at his age, the feature gives ‘Phenom’ a human aspect. A story features his wife Michelle talking about how his coat caught fire during an entry, and he battled second-degree burns.

So far, the documentary has received positive reviews. The next few episodes will focus on the aftermath of Undertaker’s WrestleMania game against Roman Reigns.

Producers Respond To Vince McMahon

All the producers thanked Vince McMahon. Later, they all tweeted about the best part of the documentary series.

With this success, WWE may seek more documentaries in the future. There are many stars like Goldberg and AJ Styles approaching retirement. Fans would like to see the backstage environment, production process and psychology of a WWE superstar.


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